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Sword FircoSoft announces first SAA 6.3 installations of its Firco Messages Filter

Sword FircoSoft, the leading global provider of watchlist filtering solutions, today announces fast market adoption of the SWIFTAlliance 6.3 version of its Firco Messages Filter Verify for SWIFTAlliance Access ADK components, a few weeks only after SAA 6.3 release.

On April 30th, SWIFT shipped the DVDs of the generally available version of SWIFTAlliance 6.3 interface. Sword FircoSoft is proud to announce that it delivered, as early as May 12th, a compatible version of its market leading watch-list filtering ADK solution to French CEDICAM, Credit Agricole’s SWIFT Flows and Processing Payment platform subsidiary. Over the last month, 6 other Sword FircoSoft customers have kicked off SAA 6.3 projects and downloaded Firco Messages Filter Verify for SAA packages for SWIFTAlliance Access 6.3. FMF Verify for SAA 4.4, which has been awarded the ADK Plug-in label since 2001, delivers best-of-breed filtering technology as a plug-and-play component to be deployed directly on the SWIFTAlliance platform.

With the technology refresh unveiled in SWIFTAlliance 6.2, which has been further extended with SAA 6.3, Sword FircoSoft expects its customers will benefit more thoroughly from Firco Filtering Suite throughput capabilities.

“If we combine SWIFTAlliance 6.3 message processing performance enhancements, the foreseen market adoption for this last optional release before SAA 7.0, and our competitive advantages for the filtering of the cover payments introduced by the end of the year in SWIFT Standards 2009, we expect to see in forthcoming months a significant volume increase in the number of messages filtered by our ADK plug-in solution worldwide“, Thierry Haensenberger, Sword FircoSoft’s Products Manager, says.

« Initial CEDICAM plans were to deploy SAA 6.3 Early Adopter version, and the related Sword FircoSoft ADK packages. Following SWIFT comments that SAA 6.3 ADK packages will need to be modified to be deployed on the Generally Available versions, we notified Sword FircoSoft in late April that we needed packages ready for SAA 6.3 GA version by mid-May. Despite this last minute change, Sword FircoSoft has been able to deliver their FMF Verify for SAA ADK plug-in, ready for our target SAA 6.3 environment, in a couple of days turnaround”, Michel Azard CEDICAM’s SWIFT coordinator’ adds.