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Newedge OTC trades remotely from Sydney and Tokyo using telepresence, turret and dedicated trading network

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, the leader in voice and electronic trading infrastructure and services for the trading communities, today announced that Newedge, a leader in global brokerage, is successfully using its telepresence, turret and trading network to trade OTC derivatives remotely from one trading desk located across two disparate city locations in Japan and Australia.

In 2008, Christophe Delorme, APAC Head of Newedge OTC Equity Derivatives desk based in Tokyo, relocated to Sydney. In order to seamlessly continue operating on the Tokyo desk he needed a system that would enable him to work remotely from Sydney and have the same presence as if he was physically sitting on the trading desk with his team in Tokyo.

Installed in only a couple weeks Newedge has been using a complete remote voice and video system for the last six months which combines telepresence technology, Etrali Mach 3D turrets, a dedicated trading network and recording solutions which ensure the broker has a full audit trail of trading conversations.

28 inch plasma screens and 360 degree microphones are operational in both locations allowing the head broker in Sydney and his team of ten brokers in Tokyo to be visible and communicate with each other continuously throughout the day. They can all be seen on the screen at the same time enabling the head broker to sit on the desk “virtually”, seeing and hearing his team’s reactions and getting a feel for the market as if he was sitting on the same trading floor, having access to the same lines and turret configurations.

“We reviewed several different options and the Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions remote trading system was the most adequate. The sound and visibility are excellent and the team at Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions worked incredibly hard to provide us with the highest possible quality definition”, said Christophe Delorme, APAC Head of Newedge OTC Equity Derivatives. “Commuting to Tokyo from Sydney was not a viable option so without this system I would not have been able to effectively do my job, manage my team and have a real sense of the market. With this system in place I can see their reactions to market changes and act accordingly, changing our trading strategies where necessary. Additionally, the robustness of the system allows time and cost saving benefits.”

Christophe Ozer, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions Japan Manager adds “This is the first time a remote voice and video solution has been installed on a trading floor and we are very pleased with the results. Newedge has very specific requirements that we have to adhere to with minimal disruption to Christophe Delorme and his team. Thanks to a great and close collaboration of all the Orange teams, we were able to propose and implement the best solution to Newedge”.