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SIX Telekurs and Compliance Science Offer Expanded Risk Measurement Data to Compliance Departments

To help ensure the broadest coverage and highest quality insider trading surveillance services, Compliance Science has integrated additional security issue and issuer data from SIX Telekurs into its Personal Trading Control Center™ - PTCC™.

Policing insider trading within investment firms is a multi-layered process that demands real-time information and decision making. Compliance Science delivers tools that combine a front end for entering proposed employee transactions with an engine that validates these trades against the firm’s defined rules and current trading blotter.

Firms may have focused their surveillance efforts on the equity markets in the past, but it has become clear that all types of securities can be problematic. To meet this growing requirement, Compliance Science has increased the breadth of its equity and derivatives database to cover corporate bonds and related fixed income securities. “Helping our clients manage compliance risk has never been more critical, and a major part of analysing those risks is the scope of data we provide.” said Mitchel Kraskin, Managing Director of Compliance Science. “We knew that the team at SIX Telekurs could easily expand upon the millions of equities and derivatives we already tracked to include the fixed income securities that our clients need. And because our algorithms were designed from the start to find obvious and non-obvious problems regardless of the issuer/security type, bringing in these new security types was not a long, drawn out process. With access to the global SIX Telekurs data set, our clients can instantly be alerted to anomalies regardless of exchange, asset class, security type, or jurisdiction.”

“Obviously, the effectiveness of a compliance solution depends in large part on the data used to fuel the analysis engine”, said Barry Raskin, President of SIX Telekurs USA. “With the SIX Telekurs data, Compliance Science not only has access to the full breadth and depth of our global securities setup information, they also have access to the instrument/issuer linkages that we have built in. This gives Compliance Science and its customers a tremendous advantage in pre-trade compliance assessment.”

SIX Telekurs provides Compliance Science with an incredibly robust source of security master data, with a database that spans more than five million global securities covering nearly every asset class. Because the SIX Telekurs data is completely encoded and intelligently linked, Compliance Science is assured of getting a complete picture of the individual securities as well as the issuer, trading place and other characteristics that factor into the analysis.

As evidence of the market’s appetite for adding fixed income data into compliance surveillance solutions, Compliance Science has begun delivery of this data to numerous clients within just days of its availability.