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SAS and Teradata Announce Availability of Analytic Advantage and Optimisation Services Packages

SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, and Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and related services, announced today the availability of two packages that put the power and speed of groundbreaking in-database analytics into the hands of companies seeking to improve the quality and timeliness of analytic-driven business decisions.

The joint Analytic Advantage package is designed for companies requiring in-database analytics and consists of pre-packaged hardware, software and services that accelerate deployment of SAS Analytics within the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). The joint Optimization Services package allows existing Teradata and SAS customers to more quickly and effectively leverage SAS’ market-leading software within Teradata’s EDW environment. The package consists of workshops and consulting services based on years of experience and expertise to help companies optimize not only the performance of their SAS and Teradata applications, but also the analytic deployment process.

“Our partnership with SAS creates a highly innovative dream team focused on helping companies activate and optimize analytic model development and execution inside the database, where we see processing speeds increase as much as 45 times,” said Rob Berman, SAS Partnership Vice President for Teradata. “These two packages are just the beginning of an in-database planned portfolio of offers we’ll deliver to a market that is ready and waiting for it. In view of the economic pressures companies now face, these packages have come at exactly the right time.”

The SAS and Teradata partnership provides companies with competitively priced, packaged offerings that are designed for a particular industry and business focus. Additional packages in the SAS and Teradata Advantage Program will be made available throughout the year, some of which will target financial and manufacturing customers.

“We established the SAS and Teradata Advantage Program to help companies more quickly take advantage of the value delivered through in-database analytics,” said Russ Cobb, Vice President of Alliances and Product Marketing at SAS. “Combining the breadth and depth of SAS Business Analytics with the speed and platform scalability of Teradata gives businesses faster access to accurate analytical results so that they can compete with greater confidence and agility.”

The Teradata and SAS partnership has continued to earn high marks from the analyst community. “Both SAS and Teradata are large, financially stable companies with loyal customer bases,” said Helena Schwenk, Senior IT Analyst at Ovum, in a new analysis. “More importantly, both companies’ software, applications and infrastructure are essential tools for helping companies beat the downturn – whether they are used to highlight cost reduction opportunities, improve supply chains, optimize inventory levels, help businesses understand risk or rapidly changing customer preferences and spending.”

Today’s announcement came at SAS Global Forum, the largest annual SAS users group conference, attended by more than 3,000 business and IT users of SAS software and solutions.