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Actuate Publishes 2008 Open Source Report Series; Detailed Country Reports Available for North America, Germany, France and UK

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the leader in delivering Rich Internet Applications Without Limits™, today revealed that is has published four detailed open source reports featuring the results from its Actuate Annual Open Source Survey for 2008. The survey, now in its third year, was conducted across North America, the UK, Germany and France and encompassed close to 1000 respondents spanning several verticals. Each report features an overview of attitudes and trends in open source growth and adoption for the chosen country and provides highlights from the other three countries.

The 2008 Actuate Annual Open Source Survey, conducted in June this year, (see press release titled ‘Third Annual Actuate Open Source Software Survey Underway and Already Surpassing Last Year’s Response Rate’, June 30th , 2008) found that there is widespread adoption of open source software across regions. Europe in particular is forging ahead, having recognised early on the lower cost of ownership and the flexibility open source software offers for future application expansion and development. Exploring in depth organisations’ use of and attitudes towards open source, across four important territories, the findings confirm that open source software is not a “here today, gone tomorrow” phenomenon, rather it has been broadly recognised and embraced for its ability to offer organisations sustained competitive advantage(see press release titled ‘Open Source Enters the Mainstream According to Findings from the Actuate Annual Open Source Survey for 2008’, September 29th , 2008).

Each regional report includes:
• An in-depth look at open source adoption trends in the selected county (North America, UK, France, or Germany)
• Highlights of each of the other 3 countries
• Detailed charts and graphs
• A global look at open source adoption trends in the Financial Services sector comparing regional differences

“With hundreds of thousands of open source projects globally, the adoption and mainstream acceptance of this important movement is clearly accelerating,” said Nobby Akiha, senior vice president marketing, Actuate. “In 2008, we saw open source hit an inflection point of adoption in mission critical applications across industries such as financial services, proving that it is a viable if not better alternative to proprietary offerings”

The Actuate Annual Open Source Survey is regarded among industry analysts and publishers as a solid benchmark of global open source trends. Findings from the research have consistently achieved widespread coverage from many influential IT and business publications worldwide. Journalists, analysts and editors are invited to liaise with Actuate’s press contact listed with this release for report analyses and/or short articles highlighting ready-to-publish key findings from each report.