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Sterling International chooses Etrali Mach 3D for Voice Broking

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, leader in unified communications solutions for the trading community, today announced that Sterling International Brokers Limited (Sterling International), the UK-based broker, has gone live with Etrali Mach 3D for its voice trading. Sterling International provides traditional money broking services including the execution of money market deals in Sterling, Euro and other major currencies and related derivative products as well as tailored structured finance.

The company’s relocation to larger offices earlier this year prompted it to take a fresh look at its technology. A decision was made to replace the incumbent legacy systems with the Etrali Mach 3D touch screen turrets from Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions. During Sterling International’s due diligence and evaluation a number of systems were considered including touch and non-touch screen turrets from other vendors. A number of factors were considered including speed, user friendliness, flexibility and also the ability of the vendor to provide a very high level of support and develop a long-term relationship with its customers. It was felt that Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions was best positioned to satisfy the technology requirements and be the partner most able to meet the company’s future needs. Sterling International is expecting to double the number of positions over the next two to three years.

Peter Shuttleworth, managing director of Sterling International, says: “We were looking for a system which was both efficient and user-friendly. Etrali Mach 3D satisfied both these requirements. Having gone live with the Etrali Mach 3D turrets, I am delighted to report that the speed and ease of use have lived up to our high expectations.” He adds, “We are a fast growing company with a business developing quickly and consequently it is important to choose a supplier that can satisfy our needs both now and in the future. The level of support and training provided by Orange Business Services has been of a high quality and I have every reason to expect that it will be just as good in the future.”

The Etrali Mach 3D turrets give Sterling International a lot of flexibility in terms of brokers’ seating. It is easy to retrieve a colleague’s call list and the brokers can move positions very easily - they can see their configuration at another desk just as they would at their usual position. The turrets are very straightforward to program, enabling brokers to do so without the need to use IT resources.

Says Tony Batten, sales director, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, UK, “Sterling International is developing and growing quickly. We firmly believe that our strong client relationships and the high level of support we provide are keys to our success. It has been exciting to work with Sterling International and to have the opportunity to work with their brokers on introducing the new technology. I am very happy that they have made the transition so easily and am looking forward to helping the company with its voice trading needs as it grows and develops.”