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3i Infotech wins MiFID Development Award

Rhyme Systems, a 3i Infotech company and a leading provider of asset management solutions, today announces it has won B.I.S.S.® Awards for rhymeSIGHT™ and FISCAL for “Best MiFID Developments”. The endorsement reinforces the capability and credentials of the stock broking and accounting service, as the business continues to meet the needs of financial institutions that seek MiFID compliance.

“Almost exactly one year on from the inaugural MiFID deadline, the financial services community continues to face considerable challenges as a result of stringent regulatory challenges now in place throughout Europe,” said Gary Wright, Chief Executive Officer B.I.S.S. Research. “Over the course of the last two years, we have investigated, monitored and evaluated a comprehensive range of MiFID related solutions, currently in use throughout the financial community. While there are a number of noteworthy solutions on offer, the scoring by our independent panel of professionals singled out Rhyme Systems as a real expert in this space. This award is completely unique in its objective approach and underlines Rhyme Systems major achievement and is a testament to their ongoing success.”

Bob Whigham, Director Software Operations, Rhyme Systems, said, “We are delighted to achieve the B.I.S.S.® “Best MiFID Developments” Award for both the FISCAL and the rhymeSIGHT™ solutions. We have felt for some time it is important to be a first-mover in this area and these 2 Awards vindicate the strength and flexibility of the 3i Infotech proposition.”

B.I.S.S.® Research benchmarked over twenty separate MiFID projects currently available throughout the market. Based on aggregate scores, compiled over the past two years from an independent panel of senior industry professionals, Rhyme Systems consistently outperformed throughout the benchmarking process.

Ian Hallam, rhymeSIGHT Business Unit Manager, added, “With a collection of high profile UK investment management firms on our books, we take pride in delivering a portfolio of MiFID compliant services to our continually expanding customer base. This latest Award from B.I.S.S. Research provides a fantastic endorsement of our work, during a time of increased regulatory compliance.”