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CoCoNet expands MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal

CoCoNet expands MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal, the high-end portal solution for payment transactions and cash management, by a new dashboard landing page summarising the most important information at a glance. This helps financial managers to directly get an overview of their financial status.

The new dashboard summarises the most important information on the landing page and provides several information sections: alerts, messages, balances, due payments, and pending authorisations. Furthermore, it provides direct links to the respective screens.

- Active Alerts refer to previously defined events and can also be communicated via email or mobile text message.
- Messages from the bank administrator inform users about important news.
- Balances of previously configured accounts are important to assess the financial situation.
- Due payments refer to payments that are not yet authorised but are due today or in the past.
- Pending authorisations are payments for which the current user has signature permission.
On the personalisation screen of MULTIVERSA IFP financial managers can personalise the individual view by choosing the required sections and the number of items to be displayed per section. The "More"-button directly links to the respective screen providing the full list.

At any time the user can access further details of a specific financial transaction by clicking on the magnifying glass on the left hand side of the screen.

Each section headline provides a button to collapse or expand the section list.

The new dashboard is an optimised landing page. The users of this powerful e-banking portal can individually configure the screens and filters in order to optimise their direct overview of the company’s financial situation.