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Everyone Drives Performance with Views 8 From Actuate

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the leader in delivering Rich Internet Applications Without Limits™, today announced the latest release of Actuate Performancesoft Views 8. The release represents the latest step in Actuate’s core technology strategy to leverage its BIRT–based solutions, that adds value to the technology developed by the Eclipse Foundations open source BIRT project, to address the challenges of true operational performance management initiatives. Views 8 combines and applies Actuate’s best of breed Performance Management, Business Intelligence and reporting technologies to align all operations with a top level strategy for effective Performance Management.

High performing organisations recognise the need to deploy Rich Information Applications as an integral part of their Performance Management strategy to improve decision making and execution at all levels to ensure higher operational and corporate performance. Views 8 is the only integrated and flexible approach to Performance Management that shares a common infrastructure with a sophisticated platform for deploying rich, interactive reporting and analysis applications that scale for use throughout an organisation.

Actuate has identified that one of the barriers to enterprise-wide participation in Performance Management is the inability of traditional systems to distribute strategic initiatives into actionable operational measures and link to the operational data that these measures are based. Views 8 as part of the Actuate Performancesoft Suite addresses this issue by:

• Ensuring that performance measures are easily structured to meet the needs of any operational process or function.
• Providing an application that is easy for everybody to adopt and use, regardless of whether they are operating in a strategic or operational capacity.
• Delivering on the requirement to provide operational performance measures with access to critical underlying operational detail to facilitate root-cause analysis.

“Presbyterian has targeted the gap between strategic and operational metrics as an area in need of improvement,” said Molly Payne, Performance Management analyst at Presbyterian Healthcare Services. “The organisation has already established a Performance Management paradigm that addresses the influencers of critical measures and creates action plans based on those drivers. With the release of Views 8, Presbyterian will be able to perform root-cause analysis much more easily, and the connection between operational and strategic metrics will be considerably more robust. This will vastly increase our ability to achieve national excellence according to the Malcolm Baldrige criteria.”

Views 8 is the first Performance Management application to deliver rich, interactive Performance Management visualisations that facilitate the investigation and analysis required for performance improvement. Stakeholders are able to review information in their preferred format. For example managers who oversee numerous functions and business processes may select the briefing book format, whereas operational staff may find rich interactive web pages or dynamic spreadsheets more appropriate for their role and responsibilities. Catering to all formats, roles and requirements, Views 8 is able to help organizations adapt to evolving Performance Management requirements as well as users’ evolving demands of their business performance management systems.

In addition to rich visualisation, including a Flash-based scorecard and map designer, Views 8.0 has been designed to be adaptable to the evolving requirements of today’s Performance Management initiatives. The latest version provides secure, direct access to application data, as well as the flexibility and control through a full set of Web Services APIs and Information Objects that allow the incorporation of performance data with underlying operational detail from any enterprise data source.

“Our research on Operational Performance Management finds that organisations struggle to provide simple and interactive methods to apply technology to improve Performance Management processes throughout the diverse needs of age groups and competencies from operational management to mangers”, said Mark Smith CEO & EVP Research, Ventana Research. “Actuate Performancesoft Views 8 uses Internet technologies like Flash and Web 2.0 capabilities to engage business users who need highly interactive Web technologies as well as management who likes traditional formatted briefing book user interfaces to provide the right capabilities needed to maximise the results from Operational Performance Management processes.”

“Views 8 allows for the flexibility of a top down or a bottom up Performance Management approach, depending on organisational preference,” said Richard Stark, director Performance Management Solutions, Actuate. “The power to span and proactively manage strategic and operational performance using a single solution will be appealing to organisations as they distribute accountability and keep pace with rapidly changing business conditions. By combining strategic and operational Performance Management, customers can address all of their needs including sales management, marketing management, human capital management, customer service management and a host of other Performance Management challenges that have traditionally been the domain of niche Performance Management providers.”