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Next generation of Intercom to benefit the voice trading community

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, the leading provider of unified communications solutions for the global trading community, has today unveiled the new and highly advanced version of its Intercom solution, part of the Etrali Voice Trading Platform.

The requirements and priorities of the trading community are changing and their demands and expectations are changing with them: there is now a growing need to include the middle and back office teams within the trading room real-time communication sphere. In response to these market demands the Etrali Intercom solution has been greatly enriched and expanded, making it a unique offering in the marketplace. It also allows for connectivity inside, across multiple trading floors, in multiple geographies to any connected voice trading systems.

The requirement for such a functionally rich solution was largely driven by the changing role of the trader and the need to improve the efficiency of the trader community. Etrali Intercom was previously only available to users of the Etrali Mach turrets family and therefore only to front-office staff, while the new version makes it available to middle- and back-office staff as well. Now the all-in-one Etrali Vision Intercom solution will simply replace all the desk equipment with a PC connected to a headset and a speaker. This provides a versatile, cost-effective and clutter-free communication solution. Etrali Intercom also offers a number of benefits including a hands-free option and complete call recording, making it fully compliant with MiFID and Basel II.

The announcement will be welcomed by IT departments as well as staff throughout the organisation because of the instant improvements in communications across each operation and between multiple trading rooms, pre and post trade and back office functions.

Thierry Charvet Marketing Director at Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, comments: “We are the only provider to offer a truly seamless Intercom solution from front to back office, which delivers a broad range of benefits.. The new generation of Etrali Intercom will give our clients an unparalleled ability to improve communication within the trading community. ”