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Orange Business Services -Trading Solutions extends Trading Network in the US

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions (OBS-TS), leader in unified communications for the global trading community, announced today the launch of its Etrali Trading Network (ETN) coverage enlargement in the US. Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions is the only supplier of turrets to offer a fully integrated global network.

With the expertise gained from the 1,600 trading rooms and 40,000 turrets around the world that it supports and its experience in providing trading technology and voice and data network services to the global trading community for the last 40 years, Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions is ideally positioned to make major gains in the North American market.

Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions is set to provide a serious challenge and a viable alternative to older technology of the “legacy” vendors in the US. Its dedicated world-wide trading network is widely regarded as the best for voice and data traffic and provides the framework for guaranteeing exceptionally high levels of performance and service to the world’s trading community. Tradition, one of the world leaders in the brokerage of financial products and commodity related markets, is just one of the large financial institutions which have been using ETN for a number of years in their global operations.

The company’s commitment to the global trading community is reflected in the continuing expansion of its network. In 2007 there was a significant increase in the number of Points of Presence (PoPs) in Asia and Europe, while this year there will be major additions to the number of PoPs in the US, which will provide extra resilience and coverage. The enhancement program in North America is backed with a commitment to recruit the highest levels of technical and support staff. Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions’ primary presence – its PoPs – reflect its core client base of financial institutions located in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Houston and also San Francisco.

ETN is fully integrated and offers clients low latency and efficient monitoring, fast troubleshooting and problem resolution. Issues faced by [other] networks, which are not fully integrated, include the potential for interface problems caused by incompatible equipment, and gateways which require tuning to improve network performance. This can cause delays, lead to longer repair times, and create reliability and performance issues.

Says Pierre-Louis de Guillebon, CEO of Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, “Globally we have an enviable track record of innovation and services; our network is fully integrated which gives our clients increased confidence in our service, quality, reliability and low latency. It now makes good business sense to offer a very competitive alternative to the incumbent legacy providers in North America. Importantly, our strategy of keeping our systems open and of ongoing expansion of our voice and data services is of great benefit to our clients being part of the growing Etrali Trading Network community.”