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Institute of Certificate Bankers (ICB) extends accreditation to more of KESDEE’s e-Learning courses

Impressed by KESDEE’s globally acclaimed e-Learning course catalog on banking and finance, The Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB) – a subsidiary of American Bankers’ Association (ABA), on a mission for providing professionals-in-financial services with confidence, credibility and recognition through its certifications; thereby promoting the highest standards of performance in the financial services industry by validating individuals' knowledge and expertise – has accredited around 300 KESDEE’s e-Learning courses drawn from 31 dedicated course libraries.

The following KESDEE’s e-Learning courses have been accredited by ICB:

1. Anti-Money Laundering (a library of 6 courses)
2. Asset Securitization (a library of 28 courses)
3. Budgeting (a library of 5 courses)
4. Corporate governance (a library of 9 courses)
5. Counter- party Credit Risk (a library of 9 courses)
6. Credit Analysis (a library of 13 courses)
7. Credit Derivatives (a library of 23 courses)
8. Credit Ratings (a library of 3 courses)
9. Credit Risk Modeling (a library of 6 courses)
10. CTM Foreign Exchange Management (a library of 7 courses)
11. CTM Funding and Investment (a library of 5 courses)
12. CTM Interest Rate Risk Management (a library of 4 courses)
13. Equity Markets (a library of 10 courses)
14. Financial Accounting (a library of 9 courses)
15. Financial Mathematics (a library of 7 courses)
16. Financial Planning (a library of 9 courses)
17. Financial Privacy (a library of 6 courses)
18. Fixed Income Markets (a library of 17 courses)
19. Foreign Exchange Markets (a library of 9 courses)
20. Futures and Forwards (a library of 7 courses)
21. Market Risk – Advanced (a library of 4 courses)
22. Market Risk – Basic (a library of 8 courses)
23. Market Risk – Intermediate (a library of 8 courses)
24. Money Markets (a library of 9 courses)
25. Mutual Funds (a library of 10 courses)
26. Operational Risk Management (a library of 21 courses)
27. Options (a library of 10 courses)
28. Sarbanes Oxley Act (a library of 12 courses)
29. Swaps (a library of 7 courses)
30. Understanding Financial Statements (a library of 2 courses)
31. Value at Risk (a library of 6 courses)

The present agreement allows the courses -- which are prescribed for respective certifying courses -- to be sourced for learning, and approved for continuing education credits by the ICB.

As a result, the professionals registered for certification programs at ICB will have instant and exhaustive access to the KESDEE’s e-learning courses that form the integrated curriculum of their certification courses.

With this important accreditation, both KESDEE and ICB hope to realize their individual objectives, and the collective vision: “knowledge enrichment and professional excellence across Banking and Financial Services Industry.”