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Actuate 9 SP3 Released – Featuring Enhanced Support for a Wider Range of Deployments

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the leader in delivering Rich Internet Applications Without Limits™, today announced the general availability of Actuate 9 Service Pack 3 (SP3) featuring its Collaborative Reporting Architecture and a Rich Internet Application (RIA) ready information platform that enables users to interact online with Actuate-provided content.
Actuate 9 SP3 increases the richness, interactivity and effectiveness of corporate data, enabling customers, partners and employees to enjoy personalised data views that adapt to their changing requirements as they create new analytic perspectives, quickly and efficiently. In addition, it delivers visually appealing, more relevant online information, anywhere and to anyone—both inside and outside the firewall—from new consumers to power users.

Actuate is the only provider of full server support for BIRT (the Eclipse Foundation Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools project) which is fast becoming the most popular open source BI technology. Thus, Actuate 9 SP3 incorporates report types and many other powerful capabilities of the latest open-source release (BIRT 2.2), and increases the value of Actuate’s Collaborative Reporting Architecture by allowing a broader set of reporting and deployment requirements, including smaller projects, to be addressed. The release also optimises ease-of-use and offers performance improvements, enabling BI and reporting applications to be developed faster and deployed economically to small and large audiences.

“Our customers demand that information be interactive in order to satisfy the expectations of their users. To this end we are committed to maximising the richness, accessibility and usability offered through our servers, by our developer tools, and through the reports that end users receive. This is what 'RIA-ready' means to us,” said Nobby Akiha, SVP Marketing, Actuate Corporation. “Actuate 9 SP3 embraces every aspect of this improved web experience, from SOA-based integration interfaces to rich, highly interactive, personal content. User reaction to SP3 has been phenomenal, which continues to fuel our own enthusiasm for the product and continues to validate our strategy."

Actuate 9 SP3 introduces iServer Express and offers a suite of skill-oriented tools developed with end-users in mind and enhancements to BIRT-based products:
• iServer Express is a report server specifically designed to bring the most commonly requested features of the iServer to single-server, single-project tactical and departmental deployments. This report server is up and running in less than an hour and hosts BIRT, BIRT Interactive Viewer, BusinessReport Studio, e.Spreadsheet and Information Objects, to ensure that the principles of open source, which include participation, open, iterative development and modularity, are delivered to BI projects of any size, ensuring all can build Rich Internet Applications that deliver information to relevant users.
• Actuate BIRT Report designers, report development tools available in two strengths—BIRT Report Designer, and BIRT Report Designer Professional—enable power users and developers (respectively) to create highly visual web reports, rich dashboards and ad-hoc report templates, delivered to users via a web browser. BIRT reporting technology has been enhanced with crosstab reports, multi-value parameters, new chart types and new output formats. BusinessReport Studio, an AJAX-powered and template based, ad-hoc report authoring application that enables business users to create interactive BIRT Reports, has been enhanced with support for the improved templates and many of the new features introduced in BIRT 2.2.
• The standard BIRT Report Viewer, which provides access to any report created with any design tool in the BIRT suite, includes enhancements that allow users to save report output to popular formats such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word.
• Actuate 9 SP3 provides full support for the new BIRT chart types such as Gantt, bubble, difference, cones and tubes, allowing users to view and interactively customise these charts, as well as switch to different chart sub-types, where applicable (stacked, percent stacked, side-by-side, 3D, etc.) to get better insight into the data presented.

All Actuate BIRT-based products can be run on iServer Express and within iServer Enterprise server deployments; making them appropriate for projects of any size, both inside and outside the firewall. iServer continues to provide unrivaled, benchmark-proven scalability to ensure that end-users receive critical business information rapidly and reliably. In addition, Actuate 9 Service Pack 3 introduces powerful usability, scheduling and parameter handling enhancements in the iServer, including a streamlined iServer system administration UI, which makes it easy for novice Actuate administrators to install and setup the iServer and to perform common administration tasks.

Actuate 9SP3 also includes performance, usability and developer productivity improvements to both e.Reports and e.Spreadsheet options. e.Spreadsheet is offered upon both iServer Express and iServer Enterprise, widening the appeal and availability of spreadsheet automation and delivery in cost effective packages for small and large user communities. Actuate’s flagship report authoring tool, e.Report Designer Professional, includes many developer productivity enhancements to improve understanding of report structure, class hierarchies, object location and references. e.Report Designer Professional navigation and structure panels are easier to understand and the designer offers new report output debugging features.