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Linedata Services’ fourth quarter showed a sharp increase in activity with revenue at €48.2 million and 18% organic growth at constant exchange rates. This is the Group's best-ever quarterly performance.

With revenues of €164.8 million in 2007, Linedata Services has posted 11.1% growth (14.6% like-for-like), exceeding its initial 10% organic growth target. The strong performance was boosted by the new Group organisation, along with commercial investment (in the first half in particular) and substantial synergies.

The Group signed 138 contracts, including 73 with new customers in the year.

Breakdown of annual revenues by Region


Q1: €17.7 million: +4.1%; Q2: €19.5 million: +7.1%; Q3 : €19.5 million: +6.0%; Q4: €25.6 million: +17.4%

Fuelled by strong activity generated by the NOEE platform and due to the launch of three major projects in the fourth quarter (two in Insurance, (BNP Paribas Assurance and Swiss Life), and one in Leasing & Credit Finance), regional growth accelerated steadily throughout the year.

Leasing & Credit Finance activity advanced 7.5% to €29.5 million over the year.


Q1: €15.6 million: +38.0%; Q2: €9.7 million: +1.0%; Q3: €11.6million: +16.0%; Q4: €13.9 million: +24.1%

In 2007, this region delivered an excellent performance with 20.7% growth (25.9% like-for-like). This growth was fuelled by important new wins with our front, middle and back-office solutions among traditional fund managers and hedge funds.

Asia achieved outstanding performance, generating revenues of €3.7 million, an increase of 45%.


Q1: €7.6 million: +2.7%; Q2: €7.4 million: -1.3%; Q3: €8.0 million: +23.1%; Q4: €8.7 million: -6.9%

In 2007, this region’s growth was 13% like-for-like, taking into account a foreign exchange effect of 2.9 million euros and an unfavourable fourth-quarter comparison basis (CitiGroup contract recognised in the fourth-quarter 2006 for $2 million). In constant dollars, fourth-quarter growth came out at 4.1%.

With 13 new ASP contracts, the success of our LyNX offer and sales synergies between the LongView and Beauchamp solutions, Linedata Services is demonstrating the validity of its business model in this region and building recurrent revenues.