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Rhyme Systems launches hosted model for rhymeSIGHT™ Reporting to Clients

Rhyme Systems, a 3i Infotech company and a leading provider of asset management solutions, today launches a hosted model for rhymeSIGHT™ Reporting to Clients, its standalone next generation client reporting solution.

Developed to combat the increasing complexities associated with client reporting, rhymeSIGHT™ Reporting to Clients generates additional efficiencies for users and provides senior management with greater control, accuracy and visibility throughout the entire report production process.

As part of the service Rhyme Systems will provide comprehensive maintenance, support and software upgrades to its users. This will enable businesses to outsource the production of client reports while providing them with a bespoke service that meets their changing commercial requirements.

Stephen Young, Director, Asset Management & Capital Markets, Rhyme Systems, comments, “With Rhyme Systems taking full responsibility for the maintenance, management and upgrades of the hosted reporting service, businesses of all sizes now have a real opportunity to improve their report production functionality. Since the hosted model is fully managed by our in-house team, companies can outsource the entire production process, leaving them free to concentrate on their core business offering. This is a real benefit to our customers, who are under pressure to manage the administrative aspect of their business, increase the efficiency of back office operations and reduce their operational costs.”

In common with clients that licence the rhymeSIGHT™ Reporting to Clients application, users of the hosted model will be able to produce fully-customisable reports that incorporate multiple data sources and formats. This provides clients with a more complete overview of their financial portfolio. The service will also include an integrated control function that ensures maximum accuracy through report checking, verification and authorisation utilities.