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Panopticon Releases Major New Version of its Developer Platform

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual business intelligence software, today announced that it has released a major new version of Panopticon Developer. The company's flagship product is a comprehensive development platform enabling end users and Independent Software Vendors ("ISVs") to embed visualization technology into their business applications.

Panopticon Developer .NET v5.0 is the latest generation of the company's fully documented, comprehensive Software Developer Kit ("SDK"). It allows companies to tightly embed Panopticon's visualizations into proprietary business applications. Panopticon Developer allows programmers to create HTML-only, thin client, or thick client applications. It includes a robust yet flexible OLAP data model designed to accept real-time data streams, an application programming interface (API), and a set of controls - along with comprehensive documentation that explains every aspect of how to use the software.

The new version of Panopticon Developer is based on a Plug-In Architecture that makes adding new visualizations and data connections simple; developers can simply "plug in" new visualizations or plug-in data sources without having to rewrite any code.

This new version also incorporates three new interactive time series visualizations, in addition to the company's popular Treemap:
• Barseries is a powerful visualization that combines the well-known characteristics of a classic bar chart with dynamic filtering, grouping, pivoting, drill-down and real-time updating. The Barseries visualization supports true real-time streaming data. It can be used as a regular bar chart, a graphic multidimensional pivot table, or multidimensional time series visualization. In all these cases, it allows the user to simultaneously see a high level overview and details for thousands of data records.
• Stack Graphs let you visualize quantitative changes to a several datasets over time, and you can see how each datapoint contributes to the total. For example, Stack Graphs are a great way to look at revenue or gross profit figures over time across several product lines. Other applications include looking at investment returns over time for several funds, or reviewing stock price changes in various market sectors.
• Horizon Graphs are a fantastic way to overview a large number of time series in a limited rectangular space. Since this visualization packs the information in a line graph in 1/6th the space through a smart pre-attentive color encoding, it allows for an overview of a large number of time series. Users can scan huge amounts of data points across all relevant time series and immediately identify areas of concern that require closer scrutiny.

Clients using the Panopticon SDK include Advent Software, Reuters, Deltek, and JP Morgan Chase.

Brian O'Keefe, Panopticon's Director of Product Management, stated, "Panopticon Developer .NET v5.0 represents our latest thinking on best practices for embedding high performance, interactive visualizations into third party applications. The SDK is based on a web services architecture, including a completely new plug-in architecture that will save programmers many hours of development time. Programmers will be able to utilize our new data plug-ins and visualization plug-ins and embed rich visualization components within their existing systems. The new visualizations available with Developer will open up many new applications for this technology too, since we now have innovative and intuitive ways to present time series data as well as traditional datasets."