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Rhyme Systems launches next generation reporting solution

Rhyme Systems, a 3i Infotech company and a leading provider of asset management solutions, today launches the next generation of rhymeSIGHT Reporting to Clients. Developed to combat the increasing complexities associated with client reporting, the enhanced standalone solution generates additional efficiencies for users and provides senior management with greater control, accuracy and visibility throughout the entire report production process.

In an age where financial institutions are looking to develop existing client relationships, particularly in the wealth management space, the next generation reporting service enables investment managers to retain business and satisfy customer demand in the most cost effective and timely manner.

As part of the increased capability of the service, clients can expect to receive fully-customisable reports that incorporate multiple data technologies and formats. This provides customers with a more complete overview of their financial portfolio. Further enhancements include an integrated control function that ensures maximum accuracy through report checking, verification and authorisation utilities.

“As financial institutions place an increased emphasis on establishing and building their investment management capability, clients are demanding a more comprehensive overview of their financial portfolio,” comments Stephen Young, Director, Asset Management & Capital Markets, Rhyme Systems. “This, when combined with the modern complexities of investment, has created a real headache for asset managers as they seek to more effectively manage their time and avoid the unnecessary burden of lengthy reporting.

“Capitalising on Rhyme’s intimate knowledge of the investment management industry, the next generation of rhymeSIGHT Reporting to Clients covers the entire reporting process. This end-to-end functionality maximises efficiencies and enables management to monitor the whole report production process, taking action if there are delays at any stage.”