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Document Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: DOCX) today announced that Storebrand has achieved measurable savings using the award-winning xPression software suite. The Storebrand Group is a leading player and innovator in the Norwegian finance market, providing financial services for 1.2 million customers. Document Sciences leads the market in providing on-demand customer communications management solutions for personalising contracts, policies, statements, correspondence and other critical client communications. Following an extensive six-month pilot project, Storebrand implemented xPression across five business units to consolidate the creation of customer communications, improve time-to-market, and reduce costs.

“Using xPression, Storebrand has achieved its goal of unifying client-facing communications, presenting a consistent brand and message to its customers,” said David Botten, General Manager EMEA, Document Sciences Europe. “In addition, the clear and professional presentation of services has helped Storebrand attract and retain customers.”

Storebrand realised that it needed a consolidated approach to its customer communications, but did not want to re-engineer each process. Instead, it sought a platform that would integrate with the different data sources, administration solutions, distribution channels and outputs to market. Both IT and the individual business units were involved in the evaluation, and both ultimately selected the xPression software suite.

The company has more than 20 different administration solutions and sources of data across its various business units. Prior to implementing xPression, each individual business unit within the Storebrand Group distributed direct mail separately, meaning that a customer could receive multiple unrelated mailings with different messaging and different branding. In addition to this customer relationship issue, the company’s paper and postage expenses were enormous as each business unit produced and distributed duplicate materials.

The first and most obvious benefit of the new system was the reduction of manual steps and associated time required to produce direct marketing materials for customers. “Time-to-market was an important factor for us, and xPression gave us this capability, along with an easy-to-use solution that integrated smoothly with our existing administration systems,” said Terje Ravnsborg, IT Manager, Storebrand. “Most of our customer communication is now managed via one system, and all expertise and competencies are now shared by a team of people, rather than in individual silos.”

In addition to achieving its initial aim of integrating all of the company’s different systems and data sources to improve internal processes, Storebrand has received very positive feedback from its customers. “Customers have called the company just to say how much they like the documents,” said Ravnsborg. “We have literally changed the face of our relationships with our customers across all departments.”

The xPression software suite offers the most advanced customer communications capabilities, fulfilling the needs of organisations that want to optimise the customer experience through the production and delivery of highly personalised, interactive business communications for print, email and the Web. Leading insurance providers such as AIG, Arrowhead General, AXA, Genworth Financial, ING, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Mutual of Omaha, Prudential, Storebrand, Trustmark and Zurich Insurance use Document Sciences' customer communications management solutions to automate agent-client communications, reduce document development and distribution costs, improve time-to-market, and optimise the overall customer experience.