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New investment signals expansion

Cashmaster International, the innovative manufacturers and distributors of cash counting machines have embarked on a new growth strategy, signalled by a £300,000 investment in their production facility.

Unlike many British companies, Cashmaster have opted to remain loyal to Scotland and reinvest in their manufacturing site located in Rosyth, Fife, in a bid to increase production capacity and offer its blue chip clients reduced lead-times.

A strong desire to uphold quality and increase efficiency has prompted Cashmaster to change its manufacturing ethos, from batch to flow-line. Investment has been focused on production machinery, including a Speedline MPM Printer, MyData15 Surface Mount machine (robotic pick and place), ERSA Hotflow 7 Oven (forced air convection) and a new component reel storage system.

Specifically designed to facilitate a flow-line process, each of these machines are connected by conveyors, providing a seamless linear line for PCB production. The new flow-line process offers many advantages over the old batch production process and will be soon be accompanied by a MVP GEM Automated Optical Inspection unit and a laser etching machine. The heart of the new line is the MyData Surface Mount machine, which is fitted with both 14k hydra placement and 6kzfi heads, providing a combined placement rating of up to 14400cph (chips per hour). It can place a vast selection of components from 0402 (40thou x 20thou / 1mm x 0.5mm) to large QFP’s and micro BGA style components.

Engineering Manager, Douglas Reid, said: “Cashmaster have strategic growth ambitions, which meant we had to invest in our production facility to offer customers the benefit of advanced technology, whilst also ensuring that the skills of our employees remain at the highest level. The new production facility will allow us to increase our production capacity, offer shorter lead times and crucially become highly responsive as a manufacturing unit, which will have a massive impact our production capabilities”.

With a record-breaking international order book for Q1 2008 and a forecast increase in sales of over 35% for 2008, the company has cited the commissioning of their new production facility the first strategic step of many.