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SMA Financial provides full Consulting, Bureau, and Services support for Euroclear Single Platform and CCI

SMA Financial is pleased to announce their full support for Euroclear's Single Platform Programme. This impacts the European Securities Industry and is to be implemented in mandatory phases from spring 2008. Specifically this announcement impacts all users of Euroclear UK & Ireland (formerly CREST Co), EUCLID, and the CSDs of France RGV RGV2 Relit, Belgium CIK and Nederland NIEC.
SMA is a leading SWIFT Business Partner in Europe and will provide a full range of Consultancy, Bureau hosting and technical services to support both CREST and European CSD customers. By taking advantage of the Euroclear Single Platform, operational wins can be made in the back office and business opportunities present themselves in the front office of all securities houses.

SMA Financial Consulting advises users of all Euroclear CSDs and Euroclear Bank on the impact of the Common Communications Interface [CCI], both in the front and back office. This includes advice on improved stock lending and treasury opportunities, as well as the more technical aspects of back office process, change management, financial messaging and translation together with the basic network connectivity.

From the smallest user, needing a standalone Euroclear browser to replace the current CREST screen or a EUCLID PC to the largest global investment bank SMA is well positioned and ready to help. Be that in provision of a full in-house implementation service for those institutions wishing to directly implement their SWIFT or BT connectivity to Euroclear, or, for those niche brokerages wishing to realise economies of scale, by outsourcing to SMA's full service Bureau environment. This already has 80 plus customers enjoying the benefits of using fully serviced access to SWIFT and BT Infrastructures.

Where an institution has a back office system which cannot handle ISO 15022/20022 messaging as required by Euroclear CCI, SMA Financial will provide bi-directional translation capabilities, taking existing CREST DEX (or other European CSD) output and handling translation to the Euroclear Common Communications Interface and onward transmission.