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MEGA International launches new generation of enterprise architecture (EA) modelling tools

MEGA International, the global leader in process excellence and enterprise architecture, today launched its next generation of business process analysis (BPA) and enterprise architecture (EA) modelling tools to help companies better understand assets, control operations, govern risks, and generally improve business performance. The announcement represents a major development for the company and asserts MEGA's initiative and market leadership.

The latest MEGA Modeling Suite takes dynamic, Web-based intelligent reporting to a new level and brings strategic BPA and EA information to the entire organisation, while providing sophisticated confidentiality features to protect sensitive data. It includes a brand new product, MEGA Advisor, and important new information sharing, reporting, and confidentiality features that companies have requested.

In addition, the company has also announced new interfaces between the MEGA Modeling Suite and IBM(R) WebSphere(R) Integration Developer (WID), Software AG CentraSite(TM), and Systar(R) BusinessBridge(R). These industry-leading vendors offer complementary software solutions in business process management (BPM), service- oriented architecture (SOA), and business activity monitoring (BAM). (See separate

The combination of MEGA Advisor and the new interfaces offer businesses truly intelligent reporting and monitoring, by integrating MEGA BPA and EA information with dynamic key performance indicators (KPIs) from third party tools.

A summary of the new features and enhancements to the latest version of MEGA Modeling Suite include:

* web-based repository information sharing across a company is available
through the new MEGA Advisor (See separate announcement);

* dynamically-generated, multi-dimensional analysis reporting on topics such
as SOA, Application Architecture, and Roadmapping to facilitate improved Business Intelligence (BI);

* confidentiality management tools to control access to information based on
the roles of viewers;

* service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration to facilitate end-to-end
management of SOA, from enterprise architecture modelling to run-time application management;

* a document wizard to make document generation easy and accessible to
everyone, even infrequent users; and

* easier, faster, more efficient diagram editing through graphical enhancements
with a focus on ergonomics and ease of learning.

"The new MEGA Modeling Suite will help our customers better discover, understand, align, and control information at the enterprise level," explained Lucio di Risi, president and CEO of MEGA International. "Companies must analyse and plan their business so they can anticipate changes and trends in their markets, efficiently manage growth, and reduce unknowns, delays, and unnecessary costs. Our modelling and management tools provide unprecedented visibility into company information and operations to enable smart business decisions."

Companies use the MEGA Modeling Suite to gain vital information and streamline company operations, for example:

* A global manufacturing company consolidated multi-country operations in
several languages.

* A scientific firm documented company processes and produced the records
necessary to meet Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

* A healthcare organisation eliminated redundant business processes and IT
systems and improved information access following several mergers.

* A transportation agency planned for disaster recovery, and prepared
responses to emergencies such as Hurricane Katrina.

"With the MEGA Modeling Suite, we have gained a clear understanding of our application ecosystem and we have put the information in one place so that we can maintain consistency, starting at the architectural or planning level," explained Eric Stephens, enterprise architect, Enterprise Architecture and Integration Team at Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The MEGA Modeling Suite - new product details

MEGA Advisor, a brand new addition to the MEGA Modeling Suite, permits on- demand access to EA repositories via a Web portal for audiences who only need to consult information from a repository. Until now, only modelling users in a company had direct access to the EA repositories. Specific, role-based content delivery now brings the benefits of EA modelling to a wider, operational level. The open architecture of MEGA Advisor enables it to interface with runtime tools, such as workflow applications, so dynamic key performance indicators (KPIs) can be incorporated into EA models.

The new version of the MEGA Modeling Suite includes enhanced operations across all modules:

* Analysis reporting capability takes reporting to an in-depth level, from object-
centric to problem-centric. Targeted reports address specific topics (e.g. SOA, as-is to-be comparison, etc.) to deliver sophisticated analyses in context.

* An advanced confidentiality management scheme allows the definition of
repository object views, both in the modelling tool and in the MEGA Advisor portal, according to the role and access rights of the viewer.

* Standard data exchange formats (WSDL, BPEL, UDDI) facilitate end-to-end
management of SOA, from EA modelling to run-time application management. A partnership with Software AG and the integration of the CentraSite service repository and registry facilitates the open exchange of service information