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Actuate Announces Launch of BIRT Exchange

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the leader in Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Reporting Applications, today unveiled BIRT Exchange, a dedicated resource for the Eclipse BIRT developer community and the Actuate BIRT product line. The Eclipse BIRT project, a top level Eclipse Foundation project initiated and led by Actuate, has become one of the most widely adopted Business Intelligence and reporting technologies.

Actuate is addressing the growing demand from the developer community for resources, support, services and products for Eclipse BIRT via BIRT Exchange - a dedicated resource where BIRT developers can easily share code and knowledge with peers, find solutions to their deployment challenges and learn about Actuate’s product, support and service offerings for Eclipse BIRT. The launch of BIRT Exchange follows Actuate’s recent announcement regarding its open source business model; see press release titled: ‘Actuate Harnesses Open Source to Advance Leadership in BI’.

“As the Eclipse BIRT community has reached critical mass and BIRT is being widely adopted for use in enterprise applications, we’ve seen growing demand for Actuate’s support, services and products based on BIRT”, said Pete Cittadini, CEO and president, Actuate Corporation. “BIRT Exchange is further evidence of Actuate’s commitment to fostering and supporting the rich eco-system that has grown up around BIRT.”

BIRT Exchange also serves as an information exchange for developer-generated content and code, enabling developers to easily share and quickly pinpoint the information they need - technical articles and tips, report designs, even code samples - using simple keyword search combined with a powerful filtering and a community rating system. The ability to easily find this kind of information enables developers to more quickly embed BIRT reporting into their applications.

“Eclipse BIRT and the Actuate BIRT product line are a powerful combination of tools that let Java developers spend their time doing what they do best: creating innovative and impactful applications,” said Virgil Dodson, Java Reporting Evangelist, Actuate Corporation. “BIRT Exchange gives developers a place to share and learn from peers about the latest and greatest technology and techniques for adding reporting to their applications, so that they can more easily meet their end-users’ reporting needs.”

BIRT Exchange offers the following resources for BIRT developers:
- DevX — a dynamic content hub where BIRT developers can quickly find, share and discover useful BIRT-related technical information including code snippets, report designs, technical tips, tutorials and more. DevX makes it fast and easy for developers to search, upload, download and rate content items.
- Searchable forums — on Eclipse BIRT and the Actuate BIRT product line, including a mirror of the Eclipse BIRT newsgroup, which is also searchable.
- Software downloads, Support & Services - for Eclipse BIRT, and the Actuate BIRT product line enabling rapid report deployment, spreadsheet reporting and ad-hoc end user reporting.
- Documentation — official documentation for Eclipse BIRT and the Actuate BIRT product line.
- Demos — a collection of self-running learning tools on everything from AJAX interactivity for BIRT reports, ad-hoc reporting with BIRT templates, spreadsheet reporting, using sub-reports, parameters, parallel reporting and more.
- Wiki & Blog —facilitates an active dialogue among the BIRT developer community.