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Suite, LLC is pleased to announce that Horton Point, LLC has licensed Suite’s ALib™ analytic library as the common foundation of its innovative quantitative multi-strategy platform. ALib has a broad range of proven valuation and risk-management functions available in numerous programming languages and on multiple technical platforms.

Launched by a group of highly accomplished hedge fund industry professionals,
Horton Point is incubating a number of quantitative strategies across various
asset classes, including equities, interest rates and credit derivatives. Prior to
launch, Horton Point expects to develop about a dozen distinctly different investment strategies which will share a common algorithmic platform for scenario analytics, risk management and capital allocation. Launch is slated for fourth quarter of 2007.

“Suite’s ALib is commonly used for price discovery and execution in high-volume
e-trading platforms, but we believe this to be the first deployment as part of a
dynamic capital-allocation initiative”, said Edward Chester, managing partner and
head of development at Suite. “Horton Point is taking algorithmic trading to a new
level, and we’re excited that ALib is a part of it”, added Mr. Chester.

Overseeing the design and implementation of the quantitative strategies’ platform
is Vladimir Finkelstein, PhD, Horton Point’s Chief Science Officer, formerly holding positions as head of quantitative fixed income research at Citadel Investment Group and Global Head of Quantitative Credit Research at Goldman Sachs. Dr. Finkelstein joins Dimitri Sogoloff, Horton Point’s president and CEO. Prior to launching Horton Point, Mr. Sogoloff was a founding partner, president and Head of Risk Management at Alexandra Investment Management, a relative value multi-strategy hedge fund.

“We needed reliability and precision across a broad range of fixed-income and credit-derivatives products” said Mr. Sogoloff. “Performance is an important factor for any algorithmic trading platform, but in this case it is also essential for efficient capital allocation as well as swift execution. Suite’s ALib is thread-safe and has a powerful API, rich documentation, great support and a comprehensive test-harness. ALib does its job; our scientists are able devote complete attention to what they do best, and we are pleased with the results.”