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Company Celebrates 10 Years on NASDAQ

Twenty years ago this month, ILOG® (NASDAQ: ILOG; Euronext: ILO, ISIN: FR0004042364) was founded on the idea that object-oriented programming and artificial intelligence could be combined and commercialised as software components to help organisations create the next generation of smarter software applications. ILOG marked this important milestone today by ringing the opening bell on NASDAQ in New York. The company also today celebrated its tenth year on the NASDAQ stock exchange as a public software company.

Since its founding in 1987, ILOG has expanded from a handful of people in a small office in Paris to a multinational corporation with more than 800 employees in nine countries. ILOG’s product offerings have evolved significantly as well. From its origins as a software tools and components provider, the company now offers software platforms like its business rule management systems (BRMS), and since 2005, a line of supply chain scheduling applications based on the company’s three technologies – business rules, optimisation and visualisation. ILOG’s leadership in optimisation technology was solidified through its acquisition of CPLEX Optimisation Inc. a decade ago and the company’s supply chain product portfolio was strengthened by its recent acquisition of LogicTools, a supply chain planning vendor.

“Our great customers, business partners, investors, shareholders and our dedicated employees combined with our commitment to technical excellence have made this anniversary a happy milestone for us,” said ILOG Chairman and CEO, Pierre Haren. “The right ingredients of all of the above have enabled us to successfully ride several major waves of enterprise software -- from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the 90s where our optimisation software provided core functionality for supply chain management applications and e-Commerce where our products have helped enable Web self service and personalisation – to today’s business process management (BPM) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) trends, where our BRMS enables business agility through policy automation.”

As a consequence of the strategic nature of its products and its industry experience, ILOG -- the company name is a shortened version of "intelligent software" (intelligence logicielle) -- has produced a number of industry firsts over its 20 year history.

o It commercialised and maintained the INRIA-created Le-Lisp language – an object-oriented programming language that was a precursor to, and influenced Java.
o With Thomson, ILOG developed the world’s first Air Traffic Control system using commercial software, in this case, ILOG Views.
o With Lockheed, ILOG developed the first workstation-based vessel traffic management system.
o ILOG developed the first “WYSIWYG” GUI builder, MASAI, in 1989, which allowed developers to compose graphical objects interactively on their workstation screens. Previously, these objects appeared as code, making placement more difficult.
o ILOG developed the first object-oriented constraint programming optimisation engine, Pecos, in 1991. Pecos became the ILOG Solver product, which is now ILOG CP.
o CPLEX (acquired by ILOG in 1997) developed the first commercial linear programming optimiser developed in the C programming language.
o The industry’s first dedicated network management graphical user interface, ILOG TGO (Telecom Graphic Objects) jointly developed with Nortel in 1997.
o It debuted the first business rule management system with a rule repository and, introduced the term, “business rule management systems” (BRMS) in 2002, which has since been adopted by the industry to describe the next-generation of business rule software. It continues to define the category through many industry-firsts.