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3i Infotech to Open ‘Technology Centre of Excellence for Insurance’

Initiative to Drive Go-to-market Oracle E-Business Suite and PREMIA Solutions in EMEA

Global IT solutions and services provider 3i Infotech is opening a ‘Technology Centre of Excellence for Insurance’ in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region that will be powered by Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware technologies.

The technology centre will help customers in the insurance industry better address the strategic business challenges they face. It will also showcase industry-leading service oriented architecture-based technology solutions featuring the Oracle® E-Business Suite and 3i Infotech’s PREMIA.

“This initiative highlights 3i Infotech’s commitment to provide compelling technology solutions with significant value-add to regional insurance businesses,” said Hari Padmanabhan, Deputy Managing Director, 3i Infotech. “Through our relationship with Oracle we will gain access to Oracle’s extensive network of partners in the region as well as take advantage of Oracle’s innovative solutions.”

“Through the Technology Centre of Excellence for Insurance we can complement our joint regional campaigns and provide our growing customer base with unmatched global delivery capabilities.”

3i Infotech has also recently been selected by Oracle to the International ISV Program in EMEA. At the launch of its ‘Technology Centre of Excellence for Insurance’, 3i Infotech demonstrated the integration of PREMIA with Oracle E-Business Suite, built using Oracle BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) Process Manager, a member of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products.

“The insurance industry is a highly-regulated sector and therefore needs compliant, auditable systems which are transparent and secure,” said Harry Stehrenberger, Vice President, Oracle Financial Services, EMEA. “With Oracle E-Business Suite and 3i Infotech’s PREMIA we will provide customers a proof of concept which can be implemented in a fully scalable manner.”

3i Infotech solutions, deployed on Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Fusion Middleware 10g, are available in the most robust, scalable and secure environment. They can be implemented on a wide range of operating systems, providing flexibility for IT investments.

“We will work closely with 3i Infotech’s dedicated team using a Service Oriented Architecture approach to build on our end-to-end workflow-driven solutions.” added Stehrenberger.

3i Infotech is a Certified Partner in the Oracle® PartnerNetwork.