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Moody's KMV Launches New Internal Rating Template for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Reduces Cost and Increases Speed of the Internal Model Creation Process

Moody's KMV, the world's leading provider of quantitative credit risk measurement and

management solutions to lenders, investors and corporations, today announced the launch of its Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)

Internal Rating Template, for use within the Ratings Package module of RiskAnalyst. Coupled with the RiskAnalyst solution, the Internal Rating Template enables Moody's KMV clients to implement a best-in-business, turn-key ratings system to capture, analyze and store financial and non-financial borrower and facility information.

Typically, the design, development and pilot process for a client to implement an internal rating model is very costly, time consuming and requires specific credit risk expertise that is not always available. With the Moody's KMV Internal Rating Template, clients are able to accelerate the internal model creation process. Further,

corporate clients can use this innovative product to standardize the credit analysis processing of its private customers and vendors. The Template is accessible across the global marketplace and provides consistency and rigor to the internal rating process.

"In cooperation with our development partners, we designed the Internal Rating Template so that institutions can become more efficient and make sound credit decisions based on the most stringent regulatory requirements and internal policies," said Mary Jan Hedman, Managing Director, Product Management, Moody's KMV. "Our products and services allow institutions to simplify the internal rating process and adapt to an increasingly global marketplace. The expertise of Moody's KMV and its development partners is unmatched and allows us to continually provide industry leading credit decisioning tools."

"The SME market is very important to our Bank, with evident opportunities for growth over the next few years," said Mark Bland, Manager, Corporate Credit Strategy of the Co-Operative Bank PLC, which was a SME Internal Rating Template development partner. "Additionally, the SME Internal Rating Template provides a foundation upon which the Bank can build a more tailored SME internal rating model, which is necessary to compete and succeed within the marketplace."

Moody's KMV's Internal Rating Template has been released and adopted by customers in financial centers throughout the United States, United Kingdom China, South Africa, Greece, Cyprus and Puerto Rico. RiskAnalyst draws upon 20 years of application development and product delivery experience. It combines the proven analysis,

reporting and credit risk assessment features of the Moody's KMV platform with browser-based delivery that lowers the cost of management and deployment. The result is a robust, flexible solution that addresses today's key credit risk challenges.