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Comprehensive Event Processing Platform Adds New Business Activity Monitoring, Complex Event Processing, and Data Stream Management Features; Market Leadership Cited by Independent Analysts

Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS), a provider of leading application infrastructure software to develop, deploy, integrate and manage business applications, today announced the availability of the Progress® Apama® 3.0 platform. The industry’s most comprehensive event processing platform enables organizations to transform all forms of event data into real-time business intelligence in applications such as algorithmic trading for financial services, real-time fraud detection and compliance, and real-time supply chains. Moreover, the company achieved a record increase in global customer adoption of the Apama platform and also was cited for its market leadership by an independent market research firm, Bloor Research.

The Progress Apama platform is the first complex event processing (CEP) system to allow users to monitor, detect and act on rapidly moving streams of events - all within microseconds. And it is the only event processing platform to offer graphical Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) dashboards, a CEP correlation engine, and data stream management services (via an event data store) that together comprise a comprehensive platform for the creation, testing, deployment and management of event processing applications.

In a recent industry report, Philip Howard, Bloor Research Director, wrote, “The Progress Apama platform has several major advantages over nearly all of its rivals: it has the longevity and customer base that can prove its capabilities, and it is a global player. No other supplier can offer all of these qualities together with the performance and breadth of capability that the Apama platform offers.”

With the 3.0 release Progress extends that leadership with significant new functionality. Among its new capabilities is a continuously available architecture that incorporates self-healing capabilities, thus facilitating non-stop operation of Apama-based event processing systems.

The Apama 3.0 release further extends the architecture through inclusion of a new “Scenario API” that allows CEP applications to be deployed as services within an Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) or controlled by external applications. This interface allows applications to discover and interact with complex event services, as well as create new services dynamically.

The Apama platform’s BAM functionality is significantly enhanced in this release with new Web-based deployment options for the Apama platform’s dashboards. Now, both local and remote users can leverage the product’s graphically-rich BAM capabilities in the visualization of CEP application logic.

Capitalizing on the platform’s existing strength in graphical development for business users and analysts, the Apama 3.0 release now incorporates a graphical environment for the Apama event processing language as well. The Eclipse-based Apama 3.0 Developer Studio product now offers IT developers tools that complement what the Apama platform has traditionally provided to business users.

Lou Morgan, Managing Director, HG Trading, comments: “In today’s fast-moving markets, the ability to quickly modify trading strategies is vital. The Apama 3.0 platform dramatically reduces the time required to deploy complex event-based services, which run faster and more reliably than ever. The enhanced usability features extend the Apama platform's already impressive tools and further streamline the development of complex trading scenarios that we can quickly modify and reuse. This gives HG Trading an invaluable edge over our competitors.”

“Analyzing real-time data streams in milliseconds is just the beginning,” said Mark Palmer, vice president, Event Processing, Progress Software. “In order to fully capitalize on event processing technology, organizations must have a range of capabilities: First, a powerful CEP engine; second, a rich graphical dashboard; third, event data management technology that captures and replays event streams and allow you to conduct root-cause analysis and pre-flight testing of algorithms; fourth, pre-built analytics to help monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) of a business; and fifth, adapters to event data sources, including messaging, databases, and industry-specific data feeds such as market data. The Progress Apama 3.0 platform is the only event processing platform that provides all five sets of features, enabling IT and business users to meet changing market conditions with real-time data analysis and more intelligent decisions.”