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Dow Jones Indexes and Wilshire Associates Launch Family of Global Indexes, Offering Broadest Measure of World Equity Markets

A Global Total Market Index Tracks More Than 12,000 Stocks In 56 Countries; Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Is the U.S. Component

Dow Jones Indexes, a leading global index provider, and Wilshire Associates Incorporated, a global leader in investment technology, investment consulting and investment management, today announced the launch of the Dow Jones Wilshire Global Index Family.

Anchored by the Dow Jones Wilshire Global Total Market Index sm, which
includes more than 12,000 stocks in 56 countries with a float-adjusted market
capitalization of nearly $34 trillion, the new index family seeks to measure all stocks with readily available prices in the world’s markets. The Dow Jones Wilshire Global Index Family is regularly updated monthly and re-balanced semi-annually and uses a transparent, published, rules-based methodology.

The new index family is an ideal tool for asset managers and institutional
investors to use in benchmarking the international exposure in their portfolios.
That’s because the Dow Jones Wilshire Global Total Market Index represents the broadest possible “opportunity set” of equities from which individual stocks may be selected for portfolios. It also provides precise performance-measurement tools, enabling institutional consultants and financial advisors to offer more targeted information to their clients.

Other indexes in the Dow Jones Wilshire Global Index Family include the Dow
Jones Wilshire Global Size Indexes (measuring large and small stocks), Dow Jones
Wilshire Global Industry Indexes (based on the Industry Classification Benchmark) and Dow Jones Wilshire Global Regional and Country Indexes. Style Indexes are planned for 2007.

The Dow Jones Wilshire Global Regional and Country Indexes include indexes
for these regions and sub-regions: Americas, Africa & Middle East , Asia-Pacific, and Europe; Americas exUS, Asia-Pacific exJapan, Middle East, Africa, Developed Europe, Emerging Europe, Latin America, Developed Europe exUK, Euro Area and Nordic Europe.

The Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 sm, the broadest measure of the U.S. stock market,
is the U.S. component of the Global Total Market Index.

“As the world we live in seems to become smaller, the market universe we invest
in is growing larger, along with the accompanying opportunities and risks,” said Michael A. Petronella, president of Dow Jones Indexes. “This suite of indexes offers plan sponsors, trustees, asset managers and individual investors the best available gauges for consistent benchmarking of their investments in domestic, international and emerging markets.”

“With the ever widening search for performance and diversification, the
investment community required a new broader measure of the world's markets,” noted Dennis A. Tito, chairman and chief executive officer of Wilshire Associates who developed the then-named Wilshire 5000 in 1974. “The Dow Jones Wilshire Global family was created to meet these needs by providing indexes that are consistent and comprehensive at the country, sector and global levels the same way the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 was created 30 years ago to meet an unmet need for the U.S securities market.”

In support of the new index family, a series of forums will be held to discuss
indexing in a global economy, beginning with a panel discussion at the United Nations on October 25th. Alan Murray, Deputy Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal, will moderate the October 25th forum at the United Nations, where discussion topics will include: “Measuring Emerging Markets;” “Country vs. Global Sector Approaches;” and “Integration of Domestic and International Strategies.” Forums also will be held in Los Angeles on Nov. 7, San Francisco on Nov. 8 and Chicago on Nov. 28. Other cities will follow early in 2007.