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SAS: Changing Role of CMO Will Drive Adoption of CRM

SAS shows strong international success in CRM Analytics

In a double-punch, SAS was recognised this month by leading IT market research and advisory firm IDC as the largest predictive analytics vendor in the worldwide market for CRM analytic applications and the leading CRM analytic applications vendor in Western Europe according to its two most recent reports in this market.

In the report “Worldwide CRM Analytic Applications 2005 Vendor Shares: Consolidation Continues in an Expanding Market” (IDC #203047, August 2006), IDC calculates that customer relationship management (CRM) analytic applications revenue grew 11.3 percent in 2005 reaching $1.14 billion. SAS’ revenue grew by 22.0 percent in 2005 and, per the report, “SAS remained the largest predictive analytics vendor in the CRM market as well as the number two vendor in the overall analytic applications market.”

According to IDC’s report “Western European CRM Analytic Applications, 2005 Vendor Shares” (IDC #LT09N, September 2006) SAS took the top position in the CRM analytic applications market in Western Europe, growing revenues 22.5 percent. SAS' revenues reached €59.5 million representing a market share of 21.4 percent. The report shows SAS as the leading vendor in the Benelux region, France, Germany, Italy, and reaching the highest market share – 40.3 percent – in the Nordic region.

IDC cited the broad scope of SAS’ advanced CRM analytics and industry-specific applications. IDC noted that “while many other vendors use "optimisation" as a marketing term, SAS “has true optimisation technology” with “strength in both the analysis and operational sides of CRM.” [1]

“Growth will continue in the CRM analytics market because enterprises need to continually analyse their operations in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Being able to understand and predict customer behaviour and anticipate the needs of the customer with products and services is essential to moving to the next level of CRM,” said Mary Wardley, VP, CRM Applications, IDC.

“The figures in these IDC reports reflect what SAS has observed as a growing trend in customer intelligence for some time now; a significant shift away from operational CRM systems to a more strategic analytical approach,” said Phil Winters, VP of Customer Intelligence, SAS EMEA.

A key driver for customer intelligence (CI) over the next 12 months will be the changing role of chief marketing officers (CMO) within the organisation as they become more accountable to the CEO and are required to demonstrate alignment of day-to-day marketing operations with long term strategic goals. SAS’ latest addition to its comprehensive suite of solutions, SAS for Marketing Performance Management addresses just those issues and puts SAS in a unique position to meet the increasing portfolio of responsibility held by CMO.

SAS views CI as an end-to-end process, which should be provided by a software platform architected specifically so people with a variety of backgrounds can generate intelligence in their day-to-day jobs. SAS’ customer intelligence solutions span campaign management, cross-sell/up-sell, customer retention, customer segmentation, email marketing, interaction management, campaign optimisation, marketing performance management and web analytics. SAS provides industry-specific solutions for the retail, financial, insurance, life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, CCE, telecommunications and government sectors.