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IXIS Asset Management Advisors L.P. Realizes Real-Time Sales Efficiency with Pyxis Mobile Wireless Software

- IXIS sales reps access up-to-date advisor data through Pyxis Mobile's
mWholesaler(r) for BlackBerry

- Pyxis Mobile is now in use at 22 of the top 50 U.S. investment firms

SIA Technology Management Conference - New York, June 20th, 2006 - Pyxis Mobile, a leading provider of wireless investment software, announced that Boston-based IXIS Asset Management Advisors, L.P. ("IXIS") is using Pyxis Mobile's mWholesaler(r), which leverages the BlackBerry(r) Enterprise Solution(tm) from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM), to connect their retail sales team to real-time enterprise data. Including IXIS, Pyxis Mobile's software is now installed at 22 of the top 50 financial services firms in the United States

IXIS Asset Management Advisors L.P., part of IXIS Asset Management Group, one of the 20 largest investment management firms in the world1, offers a diverse lineup of investment strategies, spanning a wide range of investment objectives and management styles. Their commitment to service requires their always on-the-go, outside sales team to have any-time, anywhere access to the company's customer relationship management and sales systems.

Once a manual process of using report print-outs, calls to the inside desk, and late Sunday night data entry, the wholesaling process at IXIS has been rebuilt and rejuvenated through the implementation of mobile technology. Using Pyxis Mobile's mWholesaler(r) with the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution puts real-time enterprise data at the company's wholesalers' finger tips, including vital sales and back-office data, as well as IXIS's existing Siebel CRM data. Due to its ease of use and ability to directly raise productivity, mWholesaler(r) has been welcomed by the wholesaling team, with over 95% user adoption of the application in the field. Additionally, IXIS realizes benefits beyond just field productivity, including better management of advisor data, due to the up-to-date information on the advisors entered by the sales team at the point of contact.

"In this business, the right touches lead to increased sales, so to increase those touches, we looked for a mobile application that was easy to learn, easy to use, and that wouldn't be information overload," said George Patsouris, Vice President of business systems at IXIS Asset Management Advisors Group. "mWholesaler(r) allows our team to drive business by making it easy to get all the critical information on top producers throughout their territory. Their time is focused and the wholesaler is more efficient."

"Pyxis Mobile is focused on helping financial services firms raise productivity through the use of wireless products specifically designed for their mobile users. mWholesaler(r) for BlackBerry provides IXIS's mobile professionals access to real-time customer contact and sales information. In addition to the obvious operational efficiencies, such as more calls made from the road and fewer calls made into corporate, sales management can now make more informed decisions based on the latest sales activity detail," said Shane Hughes, CEO of Pyxis Mobile.

"The success of mWholesaler(r) in the financial services industry is a great example of how enterprise customers are embracing BlackBerry for a growing range of mobile applications beyond wireless email and achieving greater productivity, customer service, and competitive advantage in the field," said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Research in Motion.

Pyxis Mobile offers a suite of wireless financial applications as part of their general mPlatform(r) offering, including mWholesaler(R), mInstitutional(TM), mPortfolio(TM), mAdvisor(TM), and mReports(TM), each providing remote access to vital enterprise data from a company's back-end network. Through the use of mWholesaler(r) specifically, mobile wholesalers have instant read/write access to the information needed to increase sales and better manage the sales process. Additionally, the internal sales staff, previously spending time supporting inquiries from the mobile sales team, has been freed to work on increasing sales leads.
Sales managers can now easily access updated rep information, sales reports, and view firm, branch, or rep-level data in real time.