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SunGard Launches BRASS EnGard, a Compliance Lifecycle Management Solution for Equities Trading

Jersey City, NJ, June 19, 2006 -- SunGard today announced the launch of BRASS EnGard, a Web-based, real-time, compliance lifecycle and business management solution for institutional equities trading businesses. BRASS EnGard helps firms to automate and manage the full compliance lifecycle including surveillance, internal investigations, documentation and reporting, helping firms to monitor and reduce risk and opportunity cost, improve workflow and automation of surveillance, and streamline their operations.

BRASS EnGard, a trading system independent solution, also provides a cohesive data warehouse that receives, organizes and consolidates data in real time to help management gain enhanced insight into profitability and performance. The comprehensive data warehouse, hosted by SunGard, helps alleviate the need for firms to store the increasing volumes of data necessary to effectively meet their compliance obligations. This helps firms to reduce costs associated with infrastructure and support, as well as helps firms to redeploy scarce technology resources on solutions that enhance profitability or other business opportunities.

Deborah Mittelman, chief compliance officer and head of compliance product management at SunGard’s BRASS business unit, said, “BRASS EnGard helps institutional firms to keep up with the rapid pace of regulatory and market structure changes, the increased sophistication of the regulatory bodies, and aggressive regulatory compliance enforcement. It helps firms meet their compliance obligations for a full range of regulatory initiatives, including RegNMS and OATS Phase III. We are seeing strong interest in the solution from our customers, and are already working with a customer to validate and further enhance the solution.”