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Orange Business Services-Trading Solutions Announces a Unique Way to Dial

19 June 2006, New York: Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions (formerly Etrali), the leading provider of unified communications solutions for the trading community, announced today the launch of Desktop Dialler, its unique highlight-and-dial application.

Desktop Dialler is Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions’ latest computer telephony tool, enabling customers to simply point a mouse to a phone number on the screen then highlight it to dial.

Traders today have to manage a lot of screens on their desks, as well as a turret. Copying a number from one screen to paper and then dialling it is not an efficient use of their time. Desktop Dialler can dial numbers from any Windows application on their screens, such as a contact list, the Bloomberg directory, Outlook and Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, or Excel spreadsheets.

Thierry Charvet, global products head of marketing for Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, says: “Desktop Dialler is unsurpassed in its convenience and ease of use. If you receive an email with a phone number at the bottom, you either just highlight it and call it using a user-defined shortcut, or right click on an icon, and Desktop Dialler calls it. It saves re-typing the number and prevents mistakes.”

Desktop Dialler interprets brackets, dashes and spaces in phone numbers, removes them and dials the correct numbers automatically. It can even tell where you are calling from, so the dialling code is correct. Desktop Dialler also gives customers the fastest possible response time to incoming calls. Users of Lotus Notes and Outlook additionally benefit from two additional features: being able to dial directly from these applications using Desktop Dialler without having to highlight a number, and the ability to open the contact sheet for an incoming call.

Part of Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions’ CTI suite, Desktop Dialler is currently in beta testing with a number of financial services firms.

Oliver Bradford, software product manager, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, said: “Desktop Dialler gives traders a very simple, dial-anywhere tool that makes their lives dramatically easier. Our beta customers absolutely love it.”