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BPC, Wincor Nixdorf and INPAS Company bring to market a complete cash recycling solution

June 19, 2006

BPC's SmartVista ATM switching solution can now be used to support full recycling functionality at Wincor Nixdorf ProCash 3100 Cash Recycling System.

BPC, a leading provider of EFT solutions, has announced that its flagship SmartVista card processing system was modified to make deposited banknotes available for subsequent withdrawal transactions at Wincor Nixdorf ProCash 3100 cash recycling machine. The development was conducted with support of INPAS Company in compliance with Wincor Nixdorf specification ProCashIn/NDC, Version 1.1, to extend SmartVista ATM management features to comprise:

. Cash deposit management mechanism that allows to sort out banknotes by
denomination and to handle them in compliance with the procedures set by the bank. The deposited banknotes are either sent to recycling drums or cash-in cassettes, or returned to the customer.
. Cash withdrawal from recycle drums. Cash handling logic was enhanced to
enable banknotes withdrawal from recycle drums (set in the system as logical cassettes). The mechanism allows withdrawing money from both recycle drums and cash-out cassettes based on the banknotes availability or individual bank settings.
. Recycling drum banknote counters to store and update the details of
deposited and withdrawn banknotes (number, currency, denomination). The information from counters is available for printing.

The cash recycling solution launch is the first project in its kind in Russia and the result of a long-standing alliance under which BPC, Wincor Nixdorf and INPAS Company are pursuing collaborative development and supply of state-of-the-art self-service solutions. The combination of ATM management capabilities of the SmartVista system and the innovative features of Wincor Nixdorf ProCash 3100 CRS allowed the companies to provide a comprehensive cash recycling functionality that can be flexibly adapted to meet the requirements of particular national or regional markets and customers.

The main benefit of deploying the recycling functionality is that banks can achieve cost savings and efficiency gains by stemming the cost of after-deposit administration, cash replenishment and transportation.

Furthermore, this technology can help financial institutions optimize branch business processes and free their staff from processing deposits to allow them to focus on more important tasks. According to the statistics, using ATMs with cash recycling mechanism allows to cut down the cash handling costs up to 50%.