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Guardian Asset Management selects Microgen 4Series

Leading Investment Managers select Microgen’s 4Series and Aptitude products to support its growing business

Microgen, a leading provider of wealth management software to the financial services industry, today announced that their 4Series solution is to be implemented at the Trinidad and Jamaica operations of Guardian Asset Management . In addition to this, Microgen Aptitude will be used to integrate 4Series to Microgen’s business partner, Business Architects, and their ‘eXimius’
product, providing a completely integrated best of breed, front to back office solution.

“We are delighted to have been selected to work with Guardian Asset Management on this project” commented Tom Crawford, Managing Director Microgen Asset & Wealth Management Division. “Our solution provides a best of breed approach for front, middle and back office through the unique integration capabilities of Microgen Aptitude” he concluded.

Guardian Asset Management recognised that with the continued expansion and diversification of their business, they needed a solution to provide greater operational control and efficiency when managing their clients’ investment portfolios. Working with Business Architects, Microgen were able to provide the enhanced investment management package required and the means, through
Microgen Aptitude, of ensuring that all the business functions are totally and seamlessly integrated.

“Microgen came to the table with a wealth of experience in providing complete financial solutions such as operational controls, increased automation and risk reduction” remarked Paul Wynter, Guardian Asset Management. “With the 4Series/eXimius/Aptitude software packages and the expertise of the Microgen consultants, Guardian Asset Management will be well on its way to providing state of the art investment services to its clients.”

Microgen 4Series is a robust and fully integrated solution developed predominantly for the offshore financial industry. Based around core modules, the 4Series suite of products includes offerings for Trust Managers, Fund Administrators and Private Bankers. Fully scaleable, Microgen 4Series is suitable for everyone from the small boutique operation to the large blue chip organisation.

Microgen Aptitude is the core architecture of many of Microgen’s software products and is a fully integrated Application Platform Suite that delivers Business Process Management, Business Rules, Integration, and Web Services technologies. Using a modern, scalable and fully integrated architecture and an interactive graphic interface, Microgen Aptitude allows users to rapidly model and then fully automate business processes with unsurpassed flexibility. Crucially, Microgen Aptitude conforms to a Service Oriented Architecture and can be used to both publish and
orchestrate Web Services as part of a single business process or a larger application.