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New York, June 12, 2006 - Miletus Trading, an agency broker specializing in providing real-time, quantitative execution strategies for buy-side traders and portfolio managers, today announced it has enhanced its post-trade offering, Miletus Trading Scorecard, with in-depth basket analysis.

The basket analysis enhancement to the Miletus Trading Scorecard is unique because it allows users to analyze a trade from beginning to end, as opposed to merely looking at the overall result.

“This new functionality gives the user an unprecedented insight into the root cause of trade over-or under-performance,” said Richard Johnson, Senior Managing Director at Miletus Trading. “Clients now can track trading profit and loss, participation rate, dollars traded and value-at-risk throughout the life of the trade, and drill down to analyze this information by side, sector, exchange and market capitalization.”

All trades executed through Miletus will be automatically stored in the database for
online analysis. As part of this service, clients can analyze trades executed by other brokers by uploading a trade file. By using this tool, buy-side traders will be able to investigate, for instance, whether a portfolio trade was executed maintaining dollar balance, or whether the value-at-risk was managed appropriately throughout the life of the trade.

The Miletus Trading Scorecard is part of the MultiVerse suite of products, a powerful web-based trading system that combines Miletus’ sophisticated trading algorithms with a comprehensive suite of pre-and post-trade analytics and monitoring tools. Planning and executing trades with MultiVerse enables clients to minimize market impact costs, increase trading efficiencies and gain better control of their order flow.