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SunGard Announces New Real-time Liquidity Management Solution

Consolidated View of Real-time Positions for Corporations and Banks

London, June 12, 2006 – SunGard today announced the launch of a new liquidity management solution to help corporations and banks make better funding decisions based on validated, real-time visibility into their cash positions. The new solution, Real-Time Liquidity Management, leverages software components from SunGard’s STeP and AvantGard business units that are used in top tier banks and corporates worldwide.

SunGard’s Real-Time Liquidity Management solution addresses the need for better liquidity management in an environment that is characterized by growing demands on liquidity and increasing regulatory pressures. To take advantage of initiatives such as CLS and Target 2, and to comply with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II, simple position reporting is no longer sufficient.

“The difference between cash forecasts and reality is too great for the accuracy required by these initiatives,” said Tom King, president of SunGard’s STeP business unit.

The Real-Time Liquidity Management solution publishes an aggregate view of multi-currency cash positions and matches that information against the institution’s own books and records for a true, real-world view of positions. This data can help banks and corporates make more accurate funding decisions, moving from a predictive to a validated model. As a result, the solution can help banks and corporates reduce overdraft costs attributed to short positions and increase profitability by investing under-utilized funds or long positions.

Mr. King continued, “Because the solution is based on SunGard’s Common Services Architecture (CSA) framework, we are able to quickly bring to market solutions that help our customers do business more efficiently and cost effectively.”

SunGard’s Common Services Architecture framework recognizes the need to protect customer investments by developing solutions that leverage a common user interface, databases and components built on a common technology standard.