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NewLink Launches New Vista™ Industry Frameworks, Models and Methodologies for Insurance, Wealth Management and Banking

NewLink Group, a consulting company, focused on the financial industry, announces its new release of affordable Vista™ knowledge products. Vista™ is a practical suite of industry frameworks, models and methodologies for the insurance, wealth management and banking industries.

Vista™ contains industry business knowledge and provides structured approaches for many types of business and IT projects. Vista™ allows organizations to rapidly start and complete any projects using complete models and approaches. The bottom line is quality at lower costs.

Vista™ is comprised of the following intellectual capital components:

. Vista™ Service Oriented Architecture – Enterprise Business Model
. Vista™ Business Requirements Reference Models
. Customer Relationship Management
. Policy/Contract Management
. Claims Management
. Vista™ Merger and Acquisition Methodology
. Vista™ Business Case Methodology
. Vista™ Market Segmentation and Product Development Methodology

The Vista™ knowledge base is a result of more than 60 years of industry related expertise, 10 years of direct efforts, and represents the best practice approaches found in 8 different countries.

These frameworks, reference models and methodologies can be licensed by insurance companies, wealth management organizations, banks and credit unions. Service providers and technology providers can also license them.