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BPC and IBM expand strategic alliance by introducing SmartVista iSeries solution

June 2, 2006

BPC SmartVista transaction switching solution will be adjusted to run in IBM iSeries native environment.

Banking Production Centre (BPC) and IBM have recently announced the launch of a joint strategic initiative that will take the BPC SmartVista software solution to the new level of availability and reliability with IBM technologies.

Through this initiative BPC is porting its SmartVista transaction switching system (SmartVista Front-EndTM) to the IBM native iSeries environment provided by DB2/400 database and i5/OS 400 operating system. All development activities, including application development and testing, optimization and tuning, and staff training, are supported by IBM dedicated consultants from the UK and Russia.

The first phase of the project covered the porting of SmartVista database structure and objects to DB2 8.2., and the reengineering of the user interface and implementing it on WebSphere Application Server Express 6.0 in compliance with the three-layer thin-client architecture. The acceptance testing at IBM Innovation Centre for Business Partners in Moscow was completed in March 2006 and allowed to release the business prototype for the marketing demonstration of the SmartVista ATM switch functionality.

Following the thorough study of IBM OS400/i5 capabilities and the relevant pre-implementation development, BPC is now engaged in the porting of C/C++/ProC SmartVista Front-End modules to native OS400/iS and the adopting of the system for use with DB2/400. The system acceptance testing at IBM Innovation Centre for Business Partners in Moscow scheduled on August 2006 will be followed by the benchmark testing and tuning at IBM Rochester (USA) that will result in the official launch of the SmartVista iSeries solution.

The SmartVista solution run on IBM OS400/i5 with use of DB2/400, and supported by highly secure eServer iSeries technologies, will provide a proven fault-tolerant platform to authorize and process debit and credit card transactions from ATMs, POS-terminals and other service delivery channels. The SmartVista iSeries solution combines scalability, flexibility and continuous availability to provide financial institutions worldwide with a robust platform that can handle ever-increasing transaction volumes from a variety of access points.

“In today’s global banking environment IBM iSeries technologies offer unique capabilities that allow financial organizations to stay ahead of growing demand for convenient, always available financial services. The SmartVista iSeries solution delivers the benefits of the best-in-class payment processing application functionality on a secure solid foundation of IBM software and hardware technologies, all with controllable, predictable and manageable cost of ownership”, said Roman Walcher, Manager System i™ Sales, CEMAAS, IBM Central Europe, Middle East & Africa, Austria and Switzerland, IBM.

“With the increase of global payments and transactions, the requirements for systems that provide the highest levels of performance and availability are essential. Many financial institutions and card processors in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific are now evaluating alternative platforms to replace their aging legacy systems that fail to keep up with the pace of change being demanded in the marketplace. This challenging moment makes the SmartVista iSeries solution an ideal offering for the organizations worldwide seeking to rely on an open-ended future proofing processing platform”, commented Anatoly Loginov, CEO and President, BPC.

Upon the completion of the project the SmartVista iSeries solution will be marketed to target segments and customers worldwide, both by IBM’s industry-largest sales force and through BPC’s regional offices and channel partners. The combined BPC/IBM offering is complemented by the products from selected best-in-class vendors that bring unique high-availability middleware features. This multilateral cooperation will further extend the whole value proposition surrounding the availability of the SmartVista iSeries solution by making it even more robust and efficient.