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StockHouse Launches Blog Site for Stock Market Investors

Facilitating Citizen Journalism on Financial Markets

Stockgroup Information Systems Inc. (OTCBB: SWEB, TSX-V: SWB) announced today the launch of blogs on, an online financial portal for active investors. StockHouse® is unique among financial portals by launching a financial markets blog site populated by contributors primarily drawn from its own users.

StockHouse Blogs invite investors to be expert contributors to the aggregate of knowledge and information on public companies and the markets available on StockHouse. These bloggers become Citizen Journalists on the financial markets with a built-in monthly audience of over 800,000 like-minded investors. Entries can be tagged to a stock symbol so that it is linked throughout StockHouse, including to the popular StockHouse BullBoards™ message boards. The blog content is woven into content on the StockHouse site – providing insightful investment information written by experienced investors for other investors.

StockHouse Blogs are another testament to Stockgroup’s strength in the creation and development of collaborative content. By tapping into the expertise among the StockHouse community, the StockHouse Blogs can deliver to investors an even greater depth of unique insight, particularly on the more than 80 percent of North American stocks not covered by major analysts. Unlike the BullBoards message boards, which are centered on a specific stock or industry sector, Blogs are centered on the author. A blog, also known as a weblog, is an online diary or journal of personal thoughts and ideas. Blogs can link postings to other web pages and invite feedback from readers.

“StockHouse is a leading social network for active investors, and our investor community includes very knowledgeable and successful investors,” said Marcus New, President and CEO of Stockgroup. “The vision is to facilitate the sharing of this expert knowledge to all investors on our site, contributing to the Stockgroup mission to help investors create and manage wealth. By encouraging finance-related citizen journalism on StockHouse, we create unique and compelling content to build the StockHouse community, and audience for targeted advertisers.
This major initiative supports the Stockgroup 2006 focus on extending the StockHouse brand to create additional value for advertisers and support advertising revenues for Stockgroup.”