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Emerging market recover after 11-day fall

Stocks in emerging markets such as Russia and South America have halted their huge decline, with share prices up in many markets after 11 days of continuous falls.

The falls, which led a global decline in share prices, were seen by many analysts as little more than a natural correction to markets that had become overvalued by investors excited by the sky-high commodities prices.

However, a rise in oil prices and the continuing stability in the prices of other commodities has appeared to stop the rot, with many investors now lured back to oil-producing countries like Russia.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, it was the energy sectors that has benefited most from the gains, although and across-the-board increase was recorded.

The result is good news for investors relying on the long-term outlook of the emerging markets for their returns, and may be seen as a vindication of those analysts who viewed the 11-day sell-off as little more than a blip in the continuing upward trend of developing economies.