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Paremus Launches Enterprise Component Marketplace and codeCauldron Open Source Community

New community offers “shared success, shared reward” model to open source software developers.

London, UK, 16th May 2006 – Paremus, developer of serviced-oriented, component-based Infiniflow™ enterprise software platform infrastructure products, today announced an innovative model for open source developers to share in the financial rewards increasingly available in the open source software market.

“Open source software has become mainstream information technology for enterprises,” said Richard Nicholson, CTO and co-founder of Paremus. “But where the success of an open source community is often based on ‘gifts’ of time and intellectual capital of countless volunteers, the financial rewards are usually realized by only a few members. We believe it’s time to address this situation and offer a more equitable financial model that gives community members the opportunity to share in the rewards generated by the success of the open source software marketplace – Shared Success, Shared Rewards. The codeCauldron community is being launched to help create these opportunities for open source developers.”

The new codeCauldron open source software community, initially sponsored by Paremus but expected to quickly shift to a member-driven community, is focused on developing the next-generation of adaptive, evolvable enterprise-class distributed systems based on service-oriented, component-based technology. Members will be involved in enhancing the foundation distributed service framework technology provided by Paremus and developing components that extend the basic framework to deliver general business and application-specific functionality.

Working with codeCauldron developers, the Paremus Enterprise Component Marketplace (ECM) offers a distribution and support channel for codeCauldron component projects. Developers will be able to utilize Paremus for marketing and first-line support of their ECM-certified enterprise component leaving them to focus on enhancing their technology and building new components. Paremus customers will be assured of a wide range of enterprise-class components that have been rigorously tested and are offered with professional technical support. In addition to enterprise components from the codeCauldron community, the Paremus ECM will also offer components developed by Paremus and other non-codeCauldron partners.

“As a new generation of serviced-oriented, component-based enterprise software technology converges with the evolution of the open source software community from a gift-based economy to one that offers financial rewards, enterprises will change the way they acquire technology to build and deploy applications,” said Gary Ebersole, Paremus’ CEO. “The Paremus Enterprise Component Marketplace will help to accelerate this convergence by offering talented open source developers a share in the rewards of meeting the technology demands of enterprise customers.”