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Vista™ Merger and Acquisition Methodology

NewLink Group Inc. announces a new version of their Vista™ Merger and Acquisition methodology which can be purchased for $10,000.00. It applies to M&A in the Insurance, Wealth Management, Credit Union and Banking industries. This methodology is offered to address market consolidation trends to help companies achieve successful business and technology integration between two or more organizations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Financial industry is consolidating at a rapid pace. Each year, several companies enter into merger and acquisition agreements in order to grow and gain infrastructure efficiencies. Unfortunately, a number of these mergers and acquisitions do not deliver the expected cost savings or revenue synergies.

This methodology allows management in concert with the project teams to detail the various aspects that need to be addressed during M&A projects. More than 325 questions are provided to scope Merger and Acquisition projects and to focus on what is critical. The VistaTM Merger and Acquisition methodology can be purchased at a cost of $10,000.00.

This methodology is part of the VistaTM suite of financial industry frameworks, reference models and methodologies. VistaTM is a knowledge framework for managing, planning, designing, developing and implementing insurance, wealth management and banking products, processes, and technology. Vista™ covers the full breadth of the business managed in an enterprise.

NewLink Group is a consulting company, focused on the financial industry. NewLink specializes in business and information technology architectures, business engineering, IT solutions, management of change, implementation and project management. Our consultants are professionals with extensive business management, consulting, and information technology experience in the financial industry.

This methodology can be licensed by insurance companies, wealth management organizations, banks and credit unions for the above-mentioned pricing structure. Service providers and technology providers can also license this methodology.