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PolarLake Announces Support for Choreography Description Language (WS-CDL)

Enables support for peer-based monitoring and control of complex business processes

Dublin, Ireland, 27th April 2006 – PolarLake, a world leader in application and data integration, announced today that its Integration Suite product now offers integrated support for W3C’s Choreography Description Language (CDL), and thus enables the efficient control and monitoring of business processes, increasing operational efficiency and reducing risk. CDL is an XML-based language that describes peer-to-peer collaborations of participants by defining, from a global viewpoint, their observable behavior within integration solutions involving ordered message exchanges that accomplish a common business goal.

Through support for CDL, PolarLake – alongside open source tools such as those from Pi4 Technologies Ltd and products such as those provided by Hattrick Software Ltd - enables the business to define, manage and control business processes with the certainty required for the ever-demanding regulatory environment. The result is improved accountability, exception handling capabilities, performance and business monitoring of all Straight-Through Processing (STP) solutions within the organization. This monitoring capability in particular allows the organization to ensure that all executing events match declared processes. Systems, events or processes that diverge from these expected behaviors can then be identified and rectified as quickly as possible.

“Support for CDL is an increasingly common requirement amongst integration technologies. For financial services organizations in particular, choreography is seen as a key element in the control and monitoring of business processes, which in turn can help improve operational efficiency and reduce risk,” said Warren Buckley, CTO of PolarLake. “PolarLake is committed to meeting the specific, real-world needs of our customers and now integration solutions built using PolarLake can easily leverage the declarative power of CDL to ensure the delta between the expected and the actual is known, controlled and reduced.”

“Coupling strong mediation and monitoring tools from PolarLake with CDL tools from Hattrick Software provides a unique proposition,” said Steve Ross-Talbot, CTO of Hattrick Software. “The productivity gains delivered by PolarLake and Hattrick Software enable systems to be modeled, deployed, monitored and managed in a fraction of the time.”