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-ATM Testing and Development Specialist Enters On-Board ATM Market with Level Four BRIDGE-

London, 26 April 2006 - Level Four Software, the leading provider of open standards-based ATM testing and development software, today enters the on-board ATM application software market with the unveiling of Level Four BRIDGE, the first truly distributed architecture solution for the ATM market.

Propelling the ATM industry into the 21st century, Level Four BRIDGE is a landmark step towards a new business and technology model for the ATM and self-service channel that will enable banks to unlock the profit potential of their networks. Level Four BRIDGE is a flexible on-board ATM and self-service application that provides a complete business solution for the ATM and self-service terminal software needs of retail banks and third party ATM processors.

"Following the move to open standard technology and based on its continued commitment to driving improvements in the ATM market, Level Four wanted to deliver a solution that would trigger a turning point in the industry," said Nigel Walsh, Executive Chairman of Level Four Software. "Level Four BRIDGE responds to a concrete market need for advanced ATM and self-service software capability, offering a genuine alternative to the legacy software currently delivered by ATM vendors and enabling banks to transform their ATMs into dynamic, revenue-generating service providers."

Level Four BRIDGE transforms the ATM channel into a CRM and business development opportunity, eliminating the dependency on IT resource availability. Its distributed software architecture takes advantage of the XFS and IFX standards and has been developed in a holistic manner to offer a flexible network server approach. Banks can therefore run and control their ATM applications from network servers rather than on individual ATMs, so new content can be integrated into the network quickly and inexpensively.

The holistic design of Level Four's solution increases the opportunity to interact with other bank systems and third parties, offering banks the opportunity to create new revenue streams by delivering up-to-date, personalised ATM services to their customers.

Specifically, Level Four BRIDGE allows for new advertising opportunities, individual customer-focused promotions and targeted services, leading to an increase in cross-selling and new product sales opportunities. Additionally, the bank is able to deliver clear brand image and product consistency across all channels, which in turn will enhance customer loyalty.

The unique architecture of Level Four BRIDGE also offers banks the possibility to reduce costs by outsourcing the entire end-to-end management of their ATM network, while retaining control of the service presented to its customers.

Walsh continued, "Since receiving an injection of venture capital nine months ago from Quester Capital Management, Level Four has accelerated its development activities and is now transferring the benefits to its customers. With this new product announcement, Level Four aims to empower banks and give them the flexibility to choose how they create and manage their ATM and self-service networks, and so bring the ATM industry into the 21st century. With Level Four BRIDGE, Level Four aims to deliver the services that businesses require today, on a future-proof architecture that will enable tomorrow's functionality to be deployed as and when customers are ready."