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SDK Makes Fractal Map Visualisation Available to 3rd Party Vendors

London, UK – 26th April 2006 – Fractal Edge is pleased to announce the full release of its Fractal Map 2.0 software development kit (SDK) for Windows and .NET. The Fractal:SDK allows customers and third party software developers to incorporate dynamic and interactive Fractal Map displays into their own products.

Paul Murphy, Partner Business Development Lead, for Microsoft UK, said: “Microsoft is delighted to have Certified Partners like Fractal Edge prioritising their software development for Microsoft Windows and the .NET Framework. Fractal Edge’s unique visualisation technology can add significant value for a wide range of Microsoft users.”

Using the Fractal:SDK developers are able to harness Fractal Edge’s coding reliability and performance to build an interactive and meaningful, visual interface for their solutions. The resulting Fractal Map front-end allows their users to quickly and easily investigate and analyse the business critical data that lies beneath. By integrating the power of Fractal Maps into their solutions, developers can provide a whole layer of additional functionality and benefit. With minimal effort the full feature set and power of this dynamic, visualisation tool can be utilized to differentiate their product in the marketplace.

The Fractal:SDK 2.0 comprises a complete set of C++ and .NET APIs, redistributable components and ‘How To’ documents to facilitate the development of Fractal Maps for use on proven platforms, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The SDK also includes new samples demonstrating the essentials of C++ and .NET Framework development for Fractal Maps to help make this powerful library as easy to get up-and-running with as possible.

Fractal Edge CEO, Richard Laughton said, “The addition of the .NET API to our SDK offering demonstrates again our commitment to ensuring that our customers can leverage the most recent and efficient application architectures.”

The final part of the Fractal:SDK is the Fractal Map XML Project File Format. This provides developers and advanced users with close control over a wide range of core Fractal Map settings and the ability to customize and brand Fractal Edge’s desktop solution, Fractal:Intelligence, for inclusion in multi-product solutions, all without writing a single line of traditional code. The XML Specification also provides the means to leverage customized modules and application extensions created using the APIs.