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Medway Council becomes first UK organisation to use IPFX call centre solution from

Council turns IP telephony into business tool improving customer service and reducing operating costs

February 14, 2006 - Redstone Converged Solutions today announced the implementation of the innovative IPFX call centre solution for Medway Council. The solution will assist the council in handling its internal IT support calls from over 220 sites and 7000 staff and thereby improve customer service, reduce operating costs and simplify management.

The solution comes immediately after Redstone signed the UK's first reseller agreement with IPFX, a developer of computer telephony integration solutions, for its module based IP telephony solution that routes calls, provides call agents with a managed call flow and gives customers a positive experience.

The IPFX call centre solution includes IP phone systems and interactive voice response. Unified messaging links to the agent's Microsoft Outlook allowing incoming callers to be told whether the agent is in a meeting, on holiday or at lunch, and when they are back. Other functions include virtual queuing allowing callers to log their query and return to their work knowing that they have not lost their place in the queue, and last agent routing which redirects a caller back to the last agent they spoke to. Supervisor reporting that gives real-time grade of service and KPI triggers as a desktop dashboard.

Michael O'Connor, Medway's IT manager commented: "We have a history of using innovative and smart technology to provide a better and more efficient service for our users. Because of our existing long term relationship with Redstone, when they suggested using IPFX as part of our strategy to turn our IP telephony into a business tool, we trusted their advice."

"Though it is too early to give any quantitative results", O'Connor continued, "service users have been impressed with the new service levels and IP telephony is more efficient and cheaper with plenty of connectivity. Redstone's best of breed approach to providing solutions made it easy for the IPFX solution to complement and be integrated into the existing Cisco architecture."

Rob Coyne, chief commercial officer, Redstone Converged Solutions said: "Our focused state of the art application offering for local government lets local authorities focus on running a business rather than the technology. By signing with IPFX we bring more options to meet their goals."

IPFX UK managing director, Paul Todd, said: "I am delighted that Redstone recommended our products to Medway. It was clear from the start that the council's mission was to develop the future of communication technology and provide end to end creative solutions for its call centre customers. IPFX has a very high market share with Cisco IP Telephony deployments in Australia/New Zealand and this roll out to the UK is part of our expansion programme. IPFX already has the most feature rich IP Telephony applications in the market and we are continuing to innovate for the benefit of our customers."