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SAN MATEO, CA, January 19, 2005 – In response to feedback from the growing number of individuals using HedgeStreet to trade economic events and price movements - such as interest rates, gold, oil, real estate and gas at the pump - the online financial market has unveiled simplified financial Hedgelets contracts and an enhanced Internet trading platform.

Instead of offering separate Yes and No contracts, the new Binary Options Hedgelets consist of one contract that can be either bought or sold short, allowing traders to profit from short-term fluctuations in market movements and economic events and are priced between $0 - $10. They are defined by the price of the underlying asset, the strike price agreed upon by the buyer and seller, the expiration date of the contract and the payoff.

Futures Hedgelets being offered for more sophisticated traders allow investors to profit from rising or falling prices and economic values while limiting their risk exposure to extreme changes. The values are bounded by a cap (high value) or a floor (low value) over which the payoff will vary. The amount that can be won or lost on a Futures Hedgelet is determined by the movement of the market, but cannot exceed $50.00.

The new site offers enhanced charting, streamlined order entry, an easy-to-understand "getting started" section for new traders, a step-by-step explanation of how Hedgelets work, an easily accessible presentation of Hedgelet contract details, and a "My HedgeStreet" tab, allowing traders to maintain all pertinent account information in one location.

"HedgeStreet’s new site achieves two primary goals: ease of use and faster access to trading resources and account information," said John Nafeh, founder and chairman of HedgeStreet. "Listening and responding to user feedback and continually providing our traders with an economical, easy to use means to trade products that matter to them remain our top priorities."