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ComplyXL, Lyquidity's software for the compliance control of Excel workbooks, now enhanced with change visualisation capability

ComplyXL, Lyquidity's powerful workbook version record system, has now been enhanced with a visualisation feature to extend the way users can explore the changes that have been made to workbooks and the worksheets they contain. This facility allows users to see in a colour coded system, which cells have changed, as well as having the information presented in textually.

"This enhancement means users have an easy way to understand the changes that have occurred between any two versions of a worksheet." said Sandy Marshall, Product Manager. "Having changes presented graphically and representing the different types of change using colour means users can comprehend the changes much more quickly improving their productivity."

ComplyXL enables a user to identify the changes that are made as Excel is used. Excel is popular because of the ease-of-use, presentation flexibility and analytical power it provides to accountants and other users. But there are concerns that Excel cannot be controlled as ad-hoc changes are made. Reports can be changed many times before being presented to management. In turn, some of the changes may need to be revised or reversed. Today users improvise version control by saving different versions of their workbooks but limited to password protection a history of changes is not maintained, saved documents do not reliably record the user and the saved versions themselves may be changed and take on a life of their own. ComplyXL adds version and change control to Excel but without the overhead of an expensive central document store. ComplyXL’s version control enables any user or enterprise employee to track and review the changes made to a workbook or worksheet at any time.

Responding to the growing need to bring control to the world of ad-hoc financial information, Bill Seddon, Managing Director comments "In ComplyXL, Lyquidity Solutions provides a product to help both users and enterprises bring control to the use of workbooks without sacrificing the flexibility and power of Excel. There is a growing need to bring workbooks under control. However the ease-of-use, flexibility and analytic power of Excel allows many users to, for example, analyse project opportunities and costs, explore the potential of new businesses and in general increase the productivity of their department or company. So it’s important to provide the control without sacrificing the benefits – this is what ComplyXL offers."