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Firm Delivers Research Produced By Local Market Experts And Automated Proxy Voting Services On Its Web-Based Platform

VIENNA, VA (date)—PROXY Governance, Inc., an independent provider of proxy analysis, automated global voting and U.S. compliance services, announced that it has expanded the scope of its proxy research and automated voting services for the 2006 proxy season to include full coverage of corporations in the European, Australian and New Zealand markets, as well as other global markets. PROXY Governance said its expanded coverage would be provided through an alliance with UK-based Manifest Information Services, Ltd. Manifest formerly was the international partner of Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC).

"We are bringing our clients two key benefits with this strategic alliance," said PROXY Governance President James P. Melican. "First, we are providing proxy research developed by analysts based in these global markets – governance professionals who are experts in both the law and the "lore" of corporate governance in their respective marketplaces, which – together – cover much of the world.

"Second, and very importantly," he continued, "this alliance creates the only proxy service providing multiple independent sources of proxy analysis. Instead of a limited, in-house, sole-source analysis, we provide the benefits of multiple experts and perspectives."

PROXY Governance will deliver the global proxy research and analysis on its Web-based voting platform, allowing clients to vote their international proxies efficiently and easily. The combination of international research and voting capabilities provides a truly comprehensive, end-to-end solution for fiduciaries holding the stocks of global companies.

PROXY Governance’s agreement with Manifest is a reciprocal one. PROXY Governance’s clients will be able to view Manifest’s research and execute voting recommendations on the PROXY Governance voting platform, while Manifest’s clients will be able to access PROXY Governance’s research and execute voting recommendations through Manifest’s proxy voting platform.

"We are very pleased to be joining forces with PROXY Governance," said Sarah Wilson, Managing Director of Manifest. "Its combination of in-depth research and advanced voting and compliance platform technology makes it an excellent strategic partner. PROXY Governance brings the capability to complement and enhance our own full-service research, voting and compliance solution. The market is deeply concerned about their choices in governance support market – a choice of one is no choice and we’re delighted to be working with PGI to ensure that investors can seek out a real and proven alternative"

Manifest has provided high-quality and innovative proxy research and voting solutions for public and private pension funds, and other asset managers, for the past decade. It was the UK’s first fully online proxy voting agency offering customized voting templates and electronic management of proxy voting. The firm has established an ISO9001 Quality Management System for its services.