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Messe München: Data Quality Life Cycle Management and Address data maintenance with Human Inference Software

Address standardization and deduplication – a contribution to contemporary direct marketing

Arnhem, 8 December 2005 –Messe München GmbH (MMG) has chosen the data quality software of Human Inference to improve and maintain their address data. With the use of HIquality Base, HIquality Identify and HIquality Address (for more than 100 countries) defective or duplicate imported address data is identified, cleansed and treated in all phases of the Data Quality Life Cycle.

The MMG data file that needs to be improved consists of more than 100,000 addresses to which 40,000 addresses will be added on a yearly basis. By means of HIquality software, which is based on international knowledge databases, MMG wants to achieve an improved customer view in combination with the reduction of process costs as a contribution to contemporary international direct marketing.

"We have chosen the Human Inference solutions, because Human Inference is capable of making the complexity of our processes and systems accessible by means of open interfaces. Besides, this software is one of the best developed solutions in the market." Markus Tomas, Enterprise Applications Manager, Messe München GmbH.

EVOSOFT GmbH (Nürnberg), a subsidiary of Siemens AG, is an implementation partner for HIquality Software.